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Deux Ex HR - Plateau

Location  Montreal , Canada
I had to design multiple blocks to help create different streets of Montreal, inspired by these typical houses located in le plateau... Deus Ex: Human Revolution/Eidos Montreal.

Copyright © Eidos - Square Enix
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Are these old building that have been made to look new or new buildings made to look old?
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Did the author studied architecture?
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mechanical engineering, he studied that.
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Is flooding a common theme in Deus Ex? All these buildings look like they have their porches built waaay off where they should normally be.
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Global warming & flooding is touched upon in the games, but I think he's just done this as aesthetic style based on actual buildings. Google 'Montreal houses'and you'll see images of town houses with similar designs. Sadly this area was never implemented into the game so we don't get to see these.
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I really like the house on the left! I'd like to live in a house like that :D
Great concept art, like all of your stuff.
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Such a shame that the Montreal Hub was cut. Wonder if SquareEnix and Eidos are planning to release it as a DLC.
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>doubting about a company making us pay for cut content

by now we should know how goes the drill :3
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It's not cut content, it's unfinished content.
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unfinished and cut content, nevertheless. why not finishing it and then include them in the final game?
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because videogames have never been delayed, right?
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The game took long enough. 5 years in development if i'm correct. It already looks outdated and we don't want it to be another Duke Nukem, do we?
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I neither want it to be mass effect with 9 DLC's but whatever
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A Montreal concept... It's perfect! Only in New York have I seen buildings look remotely close to these, nice work
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:(( I really wish this city had made it thru. At least let me buy it as an add-on!
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the game had many areas that were later cut for many technical reasons or lack of time, it happens very often in this industry anyway.
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Too bad that hub got cut. Did you work on any other areas that didn't make it in?
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Great. Though I wish the game had a walkaround environment in Montreal.
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i wanna live in one of those
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