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December 28, 2020
Cloudscrapers by barontieri
Featured by cosmicbound
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I needed a break from the vehicle design streak and wanted to create a rapid 3D environment base (Blender) for a paintover.
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Very nicely done!! :clap: !!!

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Love the dusty martian color scheme here! I wonder what those floating metaball-like structres are, artificial constructs or naturally occurring on that world.

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they are indeed metaballs haha now I have no answers concerning their nature, could be artificial or natural or both?

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Remember reading a tall tale circulated by WW2 marine aviators to scare and impress gullible laymen, involving a seaplane being forced down in some unnamed hideous tropical country where the fog is so thick it *physically* keeps the plane from landing, leaving them stranded and floating miles in the air. Rescue finally comes when a gunner accidentally falls through a gap and miraculously survives the descent, bringing in marines who traverse the fog with flamethrowers and dog sleds...

No reason to believe future spacefarers won't have their own versions of such tales.

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Nice city layout! I live the beige blobs and the desert environment.
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You're welcome!

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Are those floating blobby things meant to be clouds?
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I just don't know exactly what they are, some kind of organic buildings...

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next one I think I'll push the shroom shapes even more :)

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