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Jonnel, Merrit Jonnel...Rebel Agent
by Jedi-Art-Trick 

He was known as Merritt Jonnel, but his real name was classified. He was a reconnaissance pilot and intelligence analyst for Alliance Intel. He was sent in to the Hoth System after the evacuation of the Rebel Base to determine the remaining Imperial presence, only to discover it was quite a bit more than anticipated. He barely escaped, and was adrift almost to the point of fatality. He and his astromech R4-B9 "Shield" were later rescued by an independent rebel faction, the 125th Star Cavalry, who mistook him for a distressed pilot. Given that he was stranded in any case, he joined their cause and sent reports back to Alliance HQ with requests for funds and assistance (that never materialized).

Merrit and Shield were a team, both had unassuming appearance that they exploited to gain trust and information...

R4-B9 'Shield' by unusualsuspex
PFC Daru Vemin by Jedi Art Trick
by Jedi-Art-Trick 

From New Republic front line field correspondent:  Private First Class Daru Vemin, SpecForce 2nd Regiment (Pathfinders), is seen here taking point with his Assault Team (a platoon sized Taskforce) from the NRS FarStar.

Another character I created about 20 years ago for my gaming group's run of the DarkStryder Campaign.  I never liked how Star Wars and Star Trek made all aliens so cookie cutter and said "All _____ are this or that".  So, I felt somewhere in the universe was a Sullustan who wasn't the best pilot, who was physically stronger than the average, and a competent operator despite how funny his face looks. The observant may notice some non-SW influences here, and we often brought in elements from other sources we felt meshed well with the SW universe.
Can you recommend anyone who does good unit patches? Looking to commission someone for a Star Wars Starfighter unit patch
FarStar Mark II by Adamkop
FarStar Mark II by AdamKop 

This is ultimate gamer wish fulfillment.  We never got to do this in our campaign. Here is what she would have looked like!


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United States
So, I am no artist, just a former Gamer (WEG's Star Wars and TSR's Marvel Superheros) who loves art and is in the process of trying to recapture his youth and commissioning images from his gaming days.

If you are an artist and are of the caliber of the art I have already commissioned, please contact me, I will appreciate the initiative!




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If your looking for someone to do commission work for you. This guy's pretty good,
He did these for me.………
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Howdy dude! We have been talking on Facebook about my LDD Star Wars ship.
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