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The last of the shoot with Marith.
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Apr 24, 2011, 2:24:29 PM
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when looking at this pic, the face come forward but also the hand. i think it could have been placed out of the filed or in the background so the face would be the only thing someone looking sees directly.
The body goes to the background is a rather good technic to have the first plan detach comlpetely, but there's one shoulder missing. the model seems incomplete.
there's only one greast showing. It feels also like something's missing : either show less but the two, or none of them with some colorful clothes.
and last of all, i would have add a light touch of make up to the eyes, so the reading goes from top right to bottom left.

but aside these points i feel could have been changed from my pov, the picture itself is really nice, the model smiles just to show feelings, there's a real softness in the pic.

keep up the good work ! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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Thanx for your critique, and I agree with some of it.

The hand on the foreground, well, that's a matter of taste, it doesn't really bother me at all but I can see your point on it: it does draw attention.
I don't think a shoulder is missing. The arm is attached to the body (maybe only just but it is attached) so there's no question of whether it is her arm or not. Because of this I think it's safe to assume the "missing" shoulder exists and it therefor isn't absolutely necessary to show it. But this might be a matter of taste too, I don't know, I wasn't bothered by it but I'll keep it in mind the next shoot.
Her breasts... well, this is how a natural breast reacts to gravity. Showing more would require a different pose, showing less a change in wardrobe (different dress or the addition of a bra). And one can make out the other one...
The eyes...are not as good in this picture as they could've been. But I don't think more make up would be the answer here, a bit more light on her face would've made the picture much better. But alas, there was no time in the shoot for that.

Anyhoo, thanxs for the critique again. It's been very helpfull! I'll keep up the good work :D
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you got the point with the critique i made : most of them are a matter of taste.
the photo itself is really great, but *maybe* it could be different and more according to my taste with the points i raised.
anyhow, hope to see some more good shots like this ;)