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devStash2 for Android

By baronbeandip
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The second generation of on the go has arrived and it has come to all Android devices running Android 2.2+. This wonderful redesign of devStash takes full use of the current API provided by deviantART, allowing you to take full control over your devStash2 supports uploading both images and video* from your phone straight to your In the initial release will allow you to view your, upload new files to your, rename folders, and copy folder and file URLs for sharing. Features coming soon include the ability to modify files uploaded with devStash2, the ability to move files from one folder to another, view submissions created with Writer, and multiple supported languages.
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newjazzmuzik1988Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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YogfanHobbyist Digital Artist
It crashes every time I try to log in :/ Please fix?
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SilverRattlerHobbyist General Artist
So, you're that Karson Kimbrel fellow from the Android app, DevStash and damnLite. I had contacted you a while back since the app wasn't letting me connect anymore. You explained that it was because the device couldn't accept the certificate or something and thus slapped a "Your device isn't compatible with this version" message.
Didn't figure you were a "senior member".

I pretty much abandoned my Galaxy S that was running 2.2 since it was too slow to run many things and the majority of the widely-used apps stopped supporting it.

I'm back to using devStash, so I'll be playing around with that. Not much need for the chatroom anymore since I don't belong to any rooms anymore. Though I did have one complaint about it now that I think about it. the chatroom app seemed to be a big drain on my battery life. Any idea why? Is it because it is constantly communicating with the server?

Haven't had any problems with the Stash app on android 4.0.2 so far.
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Yes, the constant connection drains the battery.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to remedy that issue, as dAmn requires a constant connection.  Thank you for your feedback.  Also, I was not a senior member until a few months ago.
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SilverRattlerHobbyist General Artist
How did you get senior status? Because of the work you do fir dev art?
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You don't actually get a reason why.  But it would be very safe to assume that is why I got it.
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SilverRattlerHobbyist General Artist
I'm curious as to how you even got into that agreement with dA.
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SilverRattlerHobbyist General Artist
You know,  being able to develop apps for them. 
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I am a third party developer for dA.  I only have to accept and abide by their API License Agreement… .
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ComJackerArtStudent General Artist
I have used this, it's great! :happybounce:
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I'm glad you like it! :D
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My obama phone is ready!!!
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Electro-HuskyHobbyist Photographer
My body is ready!
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SingingFlamesHobbyist Writer
:woohoo: Thank you!!! :love:
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MidNightsCastedAngelProfessional General Artist
My teliphone is ready.
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IceXDragonHobbyist General Artist
Can't wait!:eager:
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aoao2Professional Photographer
that's awesome! can't wait :)
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