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March 15, 2013
The suggester says, "=baronbeandip has outdone himself again, combining a beautiful new interface and great animations with the core of a great dAmn client. Check out dAmnMessenger and give it a shot on your Android now!"

Designs & Interfaces / Application Interfaces
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Suggested by Pickley
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By baronbeandip
Introducing dAmnMessenger, the successor to Cria for Android!   dAmnMessenger is a fully functioning dAmn (deviantART Message Network) client available for all devices running Android 2.1+.  New features include CLINK (pchat negociation), an all new modern light blue/silver theme, the addition of the actionbar, smooth transitions between channels, and a new and improved layout for the chat.  I hope everyone enjoys and welcomes these new features.  

Thank you everyone for your feedback throughout the development process, your input does matter; Without your feedback dAmnMessenger would not be what it is today!

Thanks and have fun!
~Karson Kimbrel~

You can get dAmnMessenger LITE for FREE here !
You can get dAmnMessenger Pro for $1.99 here !
You can view the full change log here .

If you have and questions or feedback concerning dAmnMessenger, you can note me here on dA or E-Mail me at .

dAmnMessenger ©Karson Kimbrel aka =baronbeandip
dAmnMessenger Icon made by ~DivinityArcane
Misc graphic resources for dAmnMessenger by ~DivinityArcane
The Nexus S ©Samsung
A special thanks to =Pickley and ^ladygagz for the DD!
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© 2013 - 2021 baronbeandip
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Hey there.

A few small things, aside from which this is a really, really good app design.

On the app side of things:
Firstly, since this is a chat aimed at DA users (unless I got that wrong?) I'd suggest changing the colour scheme to match deviantART itself to make users feel more at home <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

Additionally, a few Holo guidelines you've missed out on:

- the Send button (use the new send image?)
- a menu overflow button, or a slide out drawer. (I'm assuming you have a menu to login or manage account settings for which you would need one of these two features.)

Aside from that, this is a very well designed app. There are a few aesthetic additions I would personally make like user images, but they're not necessary <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>

My apologies if we're not to go so much off topic from the design side of things <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Unfortunately, due to using swiping to change channels, it may not be proper for one gesture (swiping from right to left) to do two possible things, leading to accidental drawer opening or channel changing, but I will eventually do some testing and see if it can be efficiently and properly implemented.
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Was this swiping comment bit to me?

Either way, I understood what you meant:

While it may appear to be a problem, there are a few apps that do it. Not the channels+drawer combination, but other situations where it could cause problems.
The Google Chrome application, for instance. Swiping from the edge would scroll to the next tab, whereas just swiping around any other part of the screen scrolls around the page you are in.
You could implement something similar, possibly, to your application. Again, I'm not a dev so I don't know if this is possible through the code, but you could make it so that swiping from the left edge brings out the drawer but swiping left anywhere else would scroll channels.

Another way is following the G+ app's example. Only let the drawer open if the 'up' button in the action bar is clicked. While it is, in my opinion, a somewhat confusing way to implement it at first, if you use the tutorial graphic to show what's to be done then it would still work well. :)
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With that in mind I will see where I can go with this idea. :)
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Thank you for your feedback. :)

There should be an overflow button ONLY if the device does not use a hardware menu button if I am wrong about this, as per the Android design guidelines on the action bar, please notify me. (The Nexus S featured in the promo graphic is just a DroidX2 screen shot on 2.3.5 so it has a hardware button and will not show the overflow button)

Also, I was not aware of the holo send button guideline, could you link me to it please? I would love to implement it.

As far as the color scheme goes, I decided that I wanted to stray away from the dA color scheme. As I feel that it is not very appealing to the eye, and it just did not look right in the app. So I decided to just make my own branding for dAmnMessenger and give it a little padding from it's deviantART association. I found that many apps for other websites such as Twitter or Facebook have a large ecosystem of apps and many of them do not keep the parent website's color scheme. Neither dA's or dA's DreamUp services follow the dA color scheme. I also realize you are not the first person to bring this up, but I feel that the color scheme change is for the best.

User images on the account selection screen are coming soon, but it's nice to know that account images are welcomed. :)

Once again thank you for all of your feedback.
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About the overflow: That's my mistake then, I didn't pay attention to the device you used. But as long as it's part of the design (in the code)to change based on the device -since a lot of devs leave it out- then it's all good :thumbsup: :)

Holo send button: I'm not sure where to find the actual resource (I'm not a dev, I design for them :)) Also I'm on my phone, but this ([link]) is a picture to show what it looks like, to get what I mean. :)

Colour scheme: While all of that holds true in terms of apps on the play store, it's always strongly recommended to hold to a colour scheme to emphasize your branding. Now while I understand that you dislike the dA colour scheme, it would be easier for users to understand at a glance what app they're in at the time just by the colour scheme, and it would enforce your branding all over. (Think apps like Whatsapp, The Verge's android app, and SkyDrive.)
On the other hand, if you're trying to emphasize your OWN brand by not using the dA colours, that also would be fine as long as you make sure to keep it consistent :)

I meant user images in the chat, but that would be good as well. :)
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I just did a redo on the input box at the bottom of the screen and added the holo send button, I hope you like it. I will be pushing this update out to the public within a few days, but here is a preview: [link] .
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Or are you talking more like in the 3rd concept pane?
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I meant the 3rd concept pane.

But I can see you've got it planned out already :D
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What do you mean by user images, avatars? You may be humored to see the middle draft [link] . It is likely I will still implement this, but I wanted the initial release to go out first.
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I love this app but I'm having some issues with it. It won't let me sign in. It keeps telling me the webpage is unavailable when I click the 'add account' icon because it refuses to keep my account info stored. This app is the only way I can keep up with my friends. Please get back to me as soon as you can.
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Posting here cause can't on the App Store. I'm using the Lite Version and I can't find all the chatrooms for the Groups I'm in, and they have established chatrooms on their homepage. Is there a reason why it's not showing up in the App?
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Uh... due to recent issues it seems I can't access dAmn today. Might want to look on this issue and update.
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The room list only shows rooms with at least 2 people in the room.  You can join the room by typing in the full room name in the search box and pressing ok/the search button.
Princess-Eevee9's avatar
Is there going to be an update that fixes that? I searched the chatrooms name but came up with nothing m
baronbeandip's avatar
If the room does not have 2 or more people in it, the room will not show up when you are searching.  You can press the ok/search button to join what ever room you have in the text box or you can type /join ROOMNAME in any chatroom.  Replace ROOMNAME with what ever the room is named.
Princess-Eevee9's avatar
Okay then you very much, just tried it out and it worked perfectly.
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Hi, I'm accessing this app through a tablet and am having difficulties locating my autojoin/saved chat list. Would you be able to help me find it? Thanks!
baronbeandip's avatar
There is not a way to view the list of autojoined rooms at the moment.  To make a new list of rooms join/part the rooms you want or don't want. Press save when the rooms you want are joined.
numibata's avatar
ah, I see~ Thank you so much!
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I would love to be able to use this app! There's only one problem: the app is incompatible with my device. My device now is an HTC One. However, the Playstore says that dAmnmessenger will not work on it and won't let me download the app. What could possibly make it incompatible with my phone? What could be wrong?
baronbeandip's avatar
What version of Android is it running?
JP-ZX-Shifter's avatar
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