dAmnMessenger 2.163

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It has been awhile since the last UI revamp of dAmnMessenger and I was getting sick of the strange color choices I made in the previous releases.  So here is a quick look at what I have been working on.  I will be pushing this update out later today.  I hope you all like the changes to the app and the app logo.  

New Logo by baronbeandip

Promo by baronbeandip

Recent Changes:
  • New Light Blue holo theme
  • New Logo
  • Login no longer requires Sta.sh privileges (A big thanks to #dT for making this possible)
  • Fixed an issue where ignored users could still tab you
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Just wanted to say I'm a fan of this app....android sucks, but this isnt anyone else's fault
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I disagree, I think any version of Android 4.0 and up is a very well made OS.
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The first two versions of Android were crap tho... As in "Do you even have a QA department?"-bad...