Conducting some research on streaming.

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Hello folks! There are a two links attached to this post that are for a couple polls I am conducting. I hope my patrons, clients, and watchers will take the time to follow them. They are only two questions but your input would be greatly appreciated. The information gathered from these polls will help me make some important decisions concerning how I will proceed with further refinement of my art streams. The links are:

How do viewers watch

Favorite streaming service

Your participation will help me make some important decisions on how I evolve my art streams. Please take moment to fill out the two polls. I look forward to seeing the results!
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Twitch? Isn't Twitch just for gaming?
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I watch more than a few art streams over at twitch. Casey Nuf, does twitch streams as a cited example.
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Yep but we want folks feedback so we included it in the polls.