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World Domination Tour 01

And now a short intermission from ponies. Along with being an interstellar space pirate, arms dealer, smuggler, slaver, extortionist, business woman, and possible heiress to the Bluebell Barony Vipera Vixen has also had a successful career in several star systems as rock star under the stage name of Fire Tail. Vipera can play several instruments [link] but she is also the lead singer for the group.

This is promotional poster she did for one her albums and as part of the band's World Domination Tour. I understand the albums was very well received by fans of the group and ticket sales for the tour were....brisk.

The piece is my usual color pencil, marker, technical pen and gouache on Bristol board.
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Is it for sale?
Baron-Engel's avatar
Sorry it sold years ago.
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more vixens, less ponies, I beg of you. Your technical work with weapons is also most impressive. ^_^ showcases your incredible talent as an artist, instead of flat hooves and boxy hasbro faces. Not hating, just trying to encourage you to return to the exceedingly excellent quality of other works you've done.
If I show off your work to friends and all they see is ponies, ponies, ponies, they think I must be a brony, too, and they don't take me seriously, nor you as an artist. I like showing people your work with weapons and other such technically skilled pieces. Just sayin'. Take my opinion at face value... just something one person says... but yeah, there it is. Hopefully no one gets upset that I spoke my mind, should it not agree with theirs.
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"News Flash! We interrupt this fanciful romp through a horse filled wonderland to bring you: boobs... that is all."
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NuvolaVolpe's avatar
Is a wonderful job.
anzul's avatar
so they alow nude on promotional material on space? what has the humanity(?) come to? XD
Aramis-Dagaz's avatar
In the European sector of space, sure.
anzul's avatar
oh... well, that makes sense.
rozga-chan's avatar
Your ability to blend pencils and make the rubber look like rubber is fantastic, not as amazing as gravity to the breasts!
Baron-Engel's avatar
I do seem to have a talent for the shiny stuff. The blending color pencil stuff just comes from lots of practice, practice and did I say practice.
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That is one cute vixen... and with so many talents! Why do your characters hafe such adorable, fluffy cheeks? *wants to touch the cheeks but recoils out of instinct*
Baron-Engel's avatar
Why do your characters hafe such adorable, fluffy cheeks? *wants to touch the cheeks but recoils out of instinct*

Yeah they are fun to run your fingers through.
K4nK4n's avatar
*blushes* Err... may I, then...?
Baron-Engel's avatar
Vipera just smiles and stare at you with those Bunsen burner blue eyes. "Is that the only thing you want run your fingers over and through?" She asks slyly.
K4nK4n's avatar
At the moment, yes. Those cheeks... so fluffy...
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Comments taken from a Star Hunter media review:
Interstellar space pirate... (Yep, she's on our "End That" list.)
Arms dealer... (If she's legal, it's business. If not, it's smuggling and not our turf.)
Smuggler... (Not our turf.)
Slaver... (Automatic escalation to "Priority Termination." See if we can track her to unclaimed space.)
Extortionist... (Depends -- where?)
Business woman... (So?)
Possible heiress to the Bluebell Barony... (Okay, should we review them next on general principles?)

(Sorry, Baron, but the Star Hunters are my obsessively anti-piracy SF group. And slavery is a personal "hate" button. I am so glad I'll never meet her.)
Baron-Engel's avatar
That is okay. There are lots of people who Vipera should not meet.
ardashir's avatar
Subtlety is not Vipera's strong suit, is it?
Baron-Engel's avatar
Nope. Neither is modesty.
Ognimod's avatar
Looks like she's wearing that microphone like a guitar. "Firetail" is quite the accurate stage name!
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