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Who did this?


Purple Marten took a bite of her raspberry pastry and then took a sip of her coffee as she sat in the sun room of her house in my Equestria dreamscape. Along with enjoying her breakfast she reviewed the mornings dispatches, reports, and messages. The documents had already been decoded and came from locations all over Equestria. Now she was prioritizing them deciding which required her immediate attention. Once read they were either burned in the house furnace or forwarded via courier to High Command.

    Amongst the reports was one from one her most talented operatives, Drone 992 who had all the traits of a great senior operative and possibly a theater chief in the future. Apparently Drone 992 had had a close call with several of Celestia's field operatives.  Excuse me Corporal by Baron-Engel Drone 992 was uncertain whether their next meeting should be cancelled or not in light of this.

    Purple Marten's pulse jumped just a bit at this news. Drone 992 had been tasked the responsibility of creating and orchestrating the capture of Princess Cadence. His operation was crucial to the overall success of the upcoming campaign. Purple Marten jotted down some inquiries she wanted started right away to see if her star operative had somehow been compromised.

    With that completed she turned her attention to other reports. One was from another operative working in the Royal Palace. Drone 992/Corporal Trotter was unaware of them or any of the other changelings that were now planted in the palace of the Two Sisters, and none of the other operatives were aware of him or each other. Which was just the way she wanted it.

    This operative worked in the palace infirmary. The weren't suppose to report until the end of the week, but apparently last night there had been incident involving a prisoner in the palace. The prisoner had been one Lucky Card who had been swept up in the raids in Manehattan. However last night Lucky Card had died under very unusual circumstances during what should've been a routine interrogation.

    As a result Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were now turning the palace upside down trying to determine the individual, parties, being, or phenomenon that had caused the death of the prisoner. This worried Purple Marten. Rakorno's escape earlier this year had been carefully crafted to test the thoroughness of the palace's security, and to measure how effective the ponies would be in conducting their investigation of the event.

    What happened last night was not something she'd authorized, nor did the incident match any methods used by changelings. It appeared there was another party who was also attempting to manipulate events in the palace.

    Purple Marten rose from her seat and began pacing around the room. The campaign to seize control of Equestria was a vast, complex, operation involving literally thousands of operatives. Now it appeared there might be an unknown 3rd party who was attempting sway events in the kingdom. Who did this?

    Marten didn't like this at all. Would this unknown party attempt to derail her operation before, during, or after it had occurred? What capabilities did they possess? If they found out about the changelings plans would they allow them to occur? Would they try thwart them so their own scheme could come to fruition? Would they work with the changelings? Would they attempt to warn or even worse ally with the ponies to stop the plan Purple Marten was organizing?

    She decided that first off she'd consult the High Command and see if they had received any news about events like this happening elsewhere in Equestria. Also she'd have the archives searched for any possible references to similar events in the past that changelings might've encountered before the Deep Freeze. Finally she'd have operatives start searching various pony libraries, government records, and university archives to see if ponies had encountered something like this before. This operation was too far along now to have another party disrupt it. They would be dealt with!

To be continued.

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Huh. So even the Changelings are caught a bit off guard by this. That's a bit of a mixed blessing.
I love the way things keep intersecting in unexpected ways.
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Yes several dream intersect during the Royal Wedding dream arc.

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Thanks! Hope you are enjoying it.
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Interesting character indeed. Those are such fine legs, too.
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What with the drone numbers?
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Hmm reading your Dreamscapes its clear that this art series goes back many years to nearly the beginning of the show. I have to ask though, dreams can often be difficult to decipher even when you fully remember them. Do you find you have to interpret your dreams later on to make them feet a coherent narrative, or is the story pretty much set and you just write it down the moment you wake up?

I also notice that you have a level of technology in these stories that's slightly above what is normally seen in the show. Where are these black powder weapons made? Are they considered a bit of a novelty in light of how powerful magic can be? 
Baron-Engel's avatar
The dreams appear more or less how I present them in these postings. They feel much more like memories and events I've experienced when awake. The only time when I have to be a bit more interpretive is when I am observing events in a dream where I am not physically present to have seen it. What I refer to as the Phantom Camera Crew.

As far as technology goes it mirrors much of the last quarter of the 19th century in US and Western/Central Europe. Although military technology is not advance at the same breakneck pace. At the moment their military technology is somewhere between US Civil War and the Franco-Prussian war. The big breakthrough that is starting to occur in pony society is electrification which is starting to become more common in larger metropolitan areas.  Also in many cases the ponies are using technology not so much as to replace magic, although there are case of that, but instead to amplify and enhance their existing magic. 

Does that help answer your questions?
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I notice that you occasionally draw some WW1 era weapons too in your art. It would be neat to see a pony take on some of the more bizarre prototypes from that era.
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Now be careful. I also do artwork for the Roan RPG which is not set in my Equestria dreamscape. That equipment is much more WWI/ Interwar years in nature.
The 'modern' fire arms are the mainstay of Equestria's normal military might - until Celestia and/or Luna get sufficiently pissed off to go full 'wrath of demi-gods' on some Enemy's ass.  Unicorn magic is effectively 'special forces' in the original sense of the term, "non-standard" forces.

Also, only a few ponies are capable of magic as powerful (let alone versatile) as Twilight Sparkle, Shining Armor, and Starlight Glimmer.  Most unicorns are magically good at only one type of task.
Baron's a Lucid Dreamer.  His subconscious creates the general story line and he consciously plays a character in those dreams.  The dreams are explicit (both good and bad), and he remembers them quite well.  Thinks of it as a mental RPG with his subconscious as a Game Master and Baron as a Player.

Baron's type of lucid dreaming is a quirk of brain chemistry where dream memories aren't wiped by the brain  upon waking up.  Instead, they become long term memories.  Meaning he also remembers his nightmares all too well...
"Dear Queen Chrysalis,  today I learned that with enough hate, you can make a pony's head explode."   ;)
The Wicked Witch keeps looking hotter and hotter.  Cool her off with some water. ;)
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Yeah Marten is a looker.

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