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We can do this the hard way


Darrea looked around as her forces went about subduing the inhabitants of the small village. They'd selected this village specifically because its remoteness and the small squad mercenaries hired by the local lord to protect it had been sent north to investigate reports of orc raiders on the King's Road. 

      The leader of raid grinned and thought to herself. Good luck with that search. She knew they wouldn't find those supposed orc raiders on the road. They were a ruse that some of her forces had created to specifically draw the mercenaries out of the town. 

       Autumn was winding down and within a couple weeks the first snows of the year would begin to fall. Before that happen her forces would have retreated up to one of the remote mountain valleys at a higher elevations to ride out the winter. The deep drifts of snow would block the narrow mountain passes putting them safely out reach of the King's retribution. However before the snows fell they needed to have acquired provisions for the winter.  That was the purpose of the raid. The villagers had gotten their harvest in and now the Darrea's forces planned to stock their pantries with the efforts of this village.

      While greatly outnumbered, Darrea's forces had swept down on the village with such ferocity that the locals had been cowed into submission. The plan now was take what they needed and then depart before the shock wore off.

      Darrea's attention was suddenly diverted by the sounds of violence erupting in the local inn a couple of buildings down the street. From within the building she could hear members of her forces yelling, screaming. Punctuating this was the sounds of weapons clashing in combat. 

      Suddenly from an open second-story window a figured leaped out. Flipping through the air Darrea watched the figure land on a cart they'd commandeered for collecting sacks of grain. Without breaking stride the figure leaped out of the cart; pirouetting in midair the figure swung two long seax daggers/short swords at one of her raiders.  Darrea watched his head topple from his neck. 

      The figure made a 3 point landing in the street facing her. The leader of the raiders could now get a better look at this opponent. An earth pony mare of violet grey with a pale grey mane and tail faced her.  Her lime-green eyes burned with violent rage. 

      Except for bracers and collar of studded dark brown leather the mare's neck and forearms she wore no armor. A broad girdle-like belt of similar studded leather was cinched around her waist. Slung from either side was scabbards for her blades.  A tightly laced bodice of dark green kept a short-sleeve shirt of cream linen company. Snug trousers of camel brown and calf-high boots of dark brown leather rounded out her wardrobe. 

       For several seconds Darrea and this new opponent stared at each other.  Then in a raspy voice this new antagonist spoke. 

      "I don't know who you are, and I don't care! You can do this the easy way and leave these folks in peace, or we can do this the hard way and this will be your last day in the mortal world! Make up your mind quick!"

      This is not patron reward, but it is inspired by the series drawing depicting the anthro Mane Six as 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons characters.  The defender of the forest by Baron-Engel  That looks nice by Baron-Engel  Taste the Rainbow! by Baron-Engel  Y'all are gitting a smiting! by Baron-Engel  Strike from above by Baron-Engel  This time it's Limestone Pie as a barbarian. Instead of the classic, muscle-bound, furry loincloth barbarian I instead went for the lightning fast, nimble, dual-wielding warrior.   

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini 

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Stay thy blade, maiden Pie! We seek to aid thee in this battle, not oppose thee.
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Westu Theoden Hal! We Rock Farmers of the Mark salute thee!
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Ummmm!  What if some unfortunate raider likes it the "hard way?"
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Then they can lose their head just like that one fellow.
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:D This looks so cool, her expression and pose are so ... well awesome :squee:

ShikiyoShirou's avatar
I really like how your drawing turned out! Her expression in special <3!
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or.. No, actually there's just the hard way. Miraculous - Chatemote - Angry 
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I think I like the Medium Way better!
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Applejack's ancestor? :) (Smile) 
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Good morning friend, nice story, she's so cool!!!!!!!. 
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Limestone isn't part of the mane 6... And I won't touch Holder's Boulder! I SWEAR!

But this is one of the best poses. Very tough and intimidating!

I really like those short swords. I know you research your weapons, upon what historical blade are they based?
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Another example of it. Although this one has a blade almost the length of broadsword.… or this one…
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They are styled after the Broken Back Seax Link. Tod's Workshop also has a video that discusses them as well. Link . They can range in size from the standard belt knife to short sword in size.
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Great References! Really cool looking blades!
Art and history extraordinaire!  Thank you!
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Well I've always been a history buff and I have hired on several occasions to do effectively historical research for projects as part of my concept design consulting.
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Very nice body construction, and pencil-handling! 👍
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I like very epic
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Well, Limestone certainly has the rage to be a barbarian.
BillyP-AlabastorAm's avatar
Or we can do it the easy way, or the medium way, or the semi-easy medium hard way, or the sort-of-hard with a touch of awkward easy-difficult challenging way.
Hard, hard, baked beans and hard way
Here's the problem I'm having here: any Pie family member except Pinkie should be using hammers. 
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