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Warrior Maiden


Another image from the Sword & Sorcery anthro MLP dream  Traveler from a distant land by Baron-Engel  Dragon Rider Rarity by Baron-Engel I had a few weeks ago.  Applejack  Winona Rider by Baron-Engel had herself a shield maiden who fought along side her. The kirin barbarian warrior Autumn Blaze. Happy Autumn Blaze 

       Autumn was a loyal fierce warrior, but she had to be careful not succumb to berserker rage and transform into a nirik.

       This Saturday 2/15/20 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be streaming on Picarto Picarto Icon 

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini 

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If I saw something, or someone, looking like her walking toward me, I'd throw down my weapons and say, "Please make me your slave!"  BTW, I know the Kirin show up but does the Nirik version appear in the show?  (LOL.  I just got the Nirik reference.)
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that looks really cool
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I would think she would be a samurai

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Cool illustration!
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Seriously sexy
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Epic & awesome!
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"Your servant milady."

You should totally do Twilight as a White Mage or Priestess or Scholar next, every group needs a Healer!
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Autumn Blazebarian... I like the sound, and the look of that, Baron! :heart:
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Maybe if she was riding Harry the Bear... (But he's not white! So what -- this isn't a booze ad!)

Actually, I'm starting to think a camouflaged kirin would make a good swap-in for a pony version of Samantha from  "Bewitched".
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All she needs now is a miniature giant space hamster to complete the barbarian ensemble look!
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"Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!"
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*squee squee squeeak*
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Still a great drawing.
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*Looks at pic over late lunch


*puts styrofoam take-out container on head for helm, holds paper plate like -1.shield and grabs spork.

“My lady! I am ready to follow you anywhere!””
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The maiden smiles and then blows a series of notes from her battle horn.

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*gulps nervously...

This adventure probably won’t end well for me, but what a view!
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Since the Kirin is an Asian creature, I was kind of expecing Atumn Blaze's picture as a warrior maiden to be more asian themed, like Zecora's picture was African themed.
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Ooh, I love this. I imagine AJ getting injured is a big trigger for her going berserk.
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