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Twilight's armor 01

By Baron-Engel
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I could've sworn I'd posted these sketches along with Commission: MLP Magetek Armor Designs 01 by Baron-Engel and  Roseclaw's armor 01 by Baron-Engel  but apparently not. This is for a commission I am working for :iconchakat-goldfur: Twilight is not expected to be a direct combatant in the breaking of the siege of The Crystal Empire  Composition thumbnails 01. But she has a suit, both for protection but also to convey her rank and office in the operation.

    For that reason I drew inspiration for Twilight's armor from Northern Italian Gothic armor of the mid 15th century; while at the same time attempting to incorporate some of the magetech feel of the other suits.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon 
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How to do you  look up how to get steel to certain colors cause I can't seem to find it
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Steel and various metal surfaces can be tricky to recreate. Unfortunately I don't have an immediate source to recommend. For this piece Twilight's armor will be anodized to kind of match her coat color.
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Wow, that makes our favorite adorkable pone look like a certified badass. O.o

- Polecat
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They she's got a bit of a command presence now.
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I love that armor. I seem to recall that Medieval European armor reached its development in Northern Italy, in the Milan workshops?
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Well Milan was one of the centers along with a lot of Northern Italy during this time period. Another important region was around Augsburg which developed it's own style of armors and arms.
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The Maximilian style? I seem to remember that Henry VIII brought some German armorers to England to start a native armor industry.
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Yes but that is a bit later in history.
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I'd love to see a coloured version of this, it looks great. :3
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You will in the final picture.
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I does look a bit sci-fi. I feel it is mostly the visor that gives that feeling. Well, that and the lack of leather straps holding everything together.
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Well I wanted that magic-technology vibe so that's not a bad thing.
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Take it however you want. I do not know how much tech or magic you wanted on it, so it could go either way.

I am just saying what I see Dance! 
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The important thing is its what the client wanted, and they're paying the bill.
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noice work mate
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I still say the Magitek armor needs to be Red and Gold in color.  :)
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