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The old swimming hole

By Baron-Engel
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While Shining Armor and Princess Cadence enjoyed each others company in my Equestria dreamscape, another pony was having an unexpected meeting of their own.

    Luna strolled through her own dream fabric. It was nighttime, and it was one of those evenings that takes your breath away. There were no clouds in the nighttime sky and only a modest crescent moon that provides some illumination but not enough to spoil the stars in the sky with its light. The air was so clear that stars appear to be sparkling gems just out of one’s reach. Even the temperature was perfect for an evening stroll not too cold with just enough wind to carry the scent of night-blooming flowers.

    Luna wandered through her dream version of the countryside surrounding Ponyville. The Princess of the Night had visited often enough in real life that she now recognized even some of the more obscure landmarks and locales. However tonight she found herself wandering down a simple bare dirt path. Suddenly up ahead she heard a loud “SPLOOSH!” then the sound of somepony paddling around in the water.

    The path she was on ended abruptly at the edge of a small pond. An old walnut tree sat on the edge of the pond, its vast canopy of limbs spread out over far over the pond. Swinging slowly back and forth from one of its largest limbs was a crude rope swing. Luna vision was drawn to something swimming on the surface of pond, after a moment or two she realized it was Applebloom.

    The princess wandered further along the side of the pond until she came out of the shadows cast by the great tree. She paused and watched her pupil paddling around obviously having a grand time. After a couple minutes Luna called out to her.

    “So how is the water tonight?” Called out the Princess. The earth pony heard her voice and paddled over to the side of the pond. She did not exit the pond but instead she treaded water and looked up at her mentor. Luna found it very interesting that her swimming did not disturb the water as much as she would expect in the real world; in fact the water seemed to be rather thick and viscous, like black mercury. Even the darkness Luna could see the little filly smiling up at her.

    “Luna!” Exclaimed the filly. “Ya want come and join me fer a swim? The water is wonderful! Whatcha doing here?”

    Luna just smiled at her pupil. “I didn’t expect to meet you here tonight.”

    The princess knew that this was not actually her student in her dream fabric. It was a construct that her subconscious had created; still out of habit she treated it as if it really was her pupil. “You seemed to be have a grand time this evening.”

    Applebloom nodded her head causing her wet mane flopped up and down. “Yeah, I love swimming under the stars at night. Especially after a hard day of school and chores! Tonight their especially beautiful!”

    Luna was in agreement with the filly’s statement, the stars were beautiful tonight and as she looked at Applebloom she realized that the filly was treading water so gently that she barely disturbing the surface. The entire surface of the pond was reflecting the night sky so it appeared that Applebloom was almost float amongst a field of stars and a great nebula.

    Nebula? The princess looked closer at the surface of the water. She knew this nebula but even on the night like this it was too far away to be seen this clearly, and it definitely would not be this large. The Nebula was the Griffin’s Claw.

    Luna looked up at the evening sky. She was intimate with every facet of it, now suddenly the Griffin’s Claw blazed brightly in the nighttime vault. Applebloom turned her head and looked up at it to.

    “Yeah that’s it princess. The Griffin’s Claw, the place where the Vortex of Heaven resides; 

Vortex of Heaven by Baron-Engel it’s amazing that something so terrible can be so beautiful. So much power and yet all we’re a seeing is just the residual energy that leaks out of the containment spell. It is really something ta think that intelligent beings actually created that grand construct just ta imprison one their own kin.”

    Luna looked back down at Applebloom. The filly was no longer looking at nebula but at her. Applebloom had a rather knowing look on her face.

    “Princess have ya ever met any of the beings that made that thing?” Luna shook her head.

    “No Little Bloom, the beings that could construct such a massive artifacts are beyond myself and my sister. Compared to them we’re mere foals.”

    Applebloom nodded her head. “True yer highness but foals grow up. Perhaps someday ya will grow up and become just like them, maybe I’ll get the chance ta see that! Wouldn’t be amazing ta have that kind of power?”

    Luna just stared up at great nebula. What would it be like to have the power crush stars into pits of infinite depth from which you could never escape, a monstrous swirling vortex of terrifying power but immense beauty? Power so great that even her sister’s sun would be torn down to its base elements, a throne of unconquerable darkness.

    Applebloom climbed out of the pond. The water flowed off her body in an almost slow-motion fashion; she casually strolled over to Luna and nuzzled her. “Well I need ta get a going, ya have a good night now Luna.”

    The filly strolled off into the night. Luna did not acknowledge Applebloom’s departure; silently the indigo blue alicorn stood motionless and looked up at nighttime sky. Her jade green eyes continued to gaze upon the nebula.

To be continued.

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That was.... disconcerting.
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Her expression is terrifying.
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Yeah it's rather creepy.
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There's so many chess games and stratagems at work in this dreamscape that it's quite literally mind-boggling. How you manage to keep track of all this is completely beyond me.
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Petina helps a lot.
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Your efforts in assisting Mr. Engel are greatly appreciated, Ms. DePony.
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Smug pone is smug.
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Creepy 'Bloom is creepy!  I'm still wondering if this is some lingering influence left by the Deception or if this is something else.  We know that thing was obsessed with this matter and that it was desperately searching for a way to contact whatever it is trapped within the Griffin's Claw.
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Well it didn't want to contact the thing inside it. It was perfectly happy to leave it trapped in the Vortex. What the Deception wanted was a vast amounts of effectively magical exhaust emissions that the Vortex emitted. That alone was enough power to make a first class evil overlord.
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If I see this surfacing from below while I was bathing I'd totally scream and open fire at her using toothpastes and bottles of shampoo.
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She came from the deep.
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She came from the deep corners of Luna's mind.
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