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The Prize.



Whoops! Sorry folks this one was suppose to post first sorry.

    The rest of the afternoon was a blur for Stone Mane in my Equestria dreamscape as he met a constant stream of ponies  Founders Day Fair by Baron-Engel and was shown around the town by various members of the Apple family. Although the moments her remembered best were when he was with Applebloom.

    The Apple family gathered at 5pm in the town square for dinner at the Red Apron. Because of the excellent weather and the increased customer traffic the owner Slice n' Dice had set up extra trestle tables outside his establishment to handle the avalanche of customers.

    So with the sun starting to dip toward the western horizon the Apple Family along with Stone Mane sat under the limbs of a large walnut tree outside the restaurant they had dinner. This was a special occasion for the Apple family since they usually dined at home, but all were relishing the idea of enjoying a dinner without any cooking or clean up on their part.

    Dining for this evening was family style with trays, pots, and bowls of food passed around and if something struck your fancy you took some. Even with the funnel cake and various snacks that he'd had Stone Mane found himself famished and eager to eat.

    There was a rich, creamy corn chowder with chopped carrots, minced red and green bell peppers, all swimming in velvety smooth base with sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese on top.

    Giant broiled, stuffed white mushroom caps filled with brown rice, chopped pecans, and chopped sage and thyme, covered with melted butter and cooked to a golden brown.

    Sliced carrots sauteed in butter with honey and ginger, poured over them to make a sweet, tangy glaze.

    Green beans and onions stir-fried in Shindleback and tossed with a malt vinegar and a pinch of sugar.

    Grilled sandwiches with sharp cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions and diced apples that were dipped in an egg wash and then grilled up.

    For dessert the Apple family ordered a chocolate and peanut butter cream pie with a tub of whipped cream so ponies could dish out as much as they liked on their slice of pie.

    The whole meal was washed down with pitchers of iced tea.

    Conversation was sporadic for the next hour or so as the ponies gathered around the table consumed the food in front of them. By the time they'd finished Celestia great orb was turning the sky a fiery red-orange as it vanished below the horizon. One by one the stars started to appear in the deepening violet-blue evening sky.

    With bill for the meal squared away the Apple family with Stone Mane in their company started touring midway sampling the various games of chance that available. Although AJ was prohibited from bucking the bell after the damage she did to the game previous year, but Big Mac defended the family honor and rang it three times in a row.

    Stone Mane assessed his situation and it was not good. He had two bottles to knock over and only one disc left to win a prize with. The bottles were too far apart guarantee that clip one on the side would knock it far enough over to topple the final one. He tossed the heavy disc back and forth between his front hoofs and considered his options.

    "Hey! Are you going to throwing or not?" Grumbled the old mare in charge of the booth.

    Stone Mane looked around the booth and suddenly smiled. "Yes m'am I am. Would you please stand aside. You're blocking my shot."

    "What do you mean blocking your shot? The bottle are over there!" She waved at two remaining bottles on the table. "I'm standing over here off to the side?"

    The colt nodded his head. "Yes but you're still blocking my shot. Please step aside or duck."

    Grumbling whole time the mare slowly took a step forward. "Fine! Just so long as you. Ahhhh!"

    The moment she'd stepped forward the colt had wound up and pitched the disc as hard as he could. The whirling disc whizzed past the mare and struck the metal pole holding up part of the booth's fabric roof. The spinning disc ricocheted of the pole and flew diagonally across the table clearing both of the bottles.

    The Apple family cheered at the colt's accomplishment. The booth attendant was less enthusiastic and initially tried to disqualify the last throw as being illegal.

    "You hit the pole first so that shot doesn't count!"

    "Excuse me." Applejack stepped forward, she'd been reading the printed rules on the side of the booth. "It says nothing here about that, so the shot should count."

    The mare glared at AJ. "And why should I listen to you?"

    AJ tipped her hat back and grinned at her with fire in her eyes. "Because it's the honest thing ta do!"

    "And you're some so-called expert on subject?" Groused the mare.

    "Actually I am! Name is Applejack. Might of heard of me I'm the Element of Honesty."

    The mare in the booth stared at her for second and the light dawned in her head. "Oh well yes, um, well uh, you won kid! What's do you want for your prize?"

    Stone Mane surveyed the various prizes that were displayed again. Then he spied what he wanted.

    "I'll take the Luna doll please and thank you m'am."

    After a couple of seconds of fumbling the booth pony retrieved the doll and passed it to the colt. It was not a very well made doll, but it sort of looked like her. "Here you go! Have a good evening! Next contestant!"

    Stepping aside to let the next pony play the Stone Mane turned the Applebloom. "I forgot to bring you anything from Baltimare to give you, but would you please accept this to remember the fun we've had today?"

    He looked down at the doll that was laying crock of his front pastern. "It's not the best made thing, but you and her have helped me so much. I, well, uh, thought it was appropriate for you to have it. So, uh do you want it?"

    The colt looked up to find himself staring at a beet-red faced filly. Within a few seconds the colt's face was almost the same color.

    "Of course if you're not interested well, um, you don't have to....."

    "Yes I'll a take it!" Exclaimed Applebloom, she paused for a second then replied in her normal voice. "Yes, yes I would a be very happy ta have it. Thank you Stone Mane."

    The filly took the doll and flopped it across her back. "There! now I won't lose her!"

    AJ smiled up and walked up to the two foals. "Well, this has been fun and all, but we should start heading over ta the river. The fireworks will be starting soon."

    Applebloom and Stone Mane smiled at the mare. "Okay!" They said in unison.

    With that accomplished they headed to find a good place to see the display.

To be continued.

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