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Applebloom's anxieties stayed with her throughout the evening in my Equestria dreamscape. She ate her dinner and then helped with washing the evening dishes. With that accomplished she went upstairs and tried to do her homework, but she kept finding her eyes going back to Stone Mane's letter on her writing desk. Fear and anxiety by Baron-Engel

    Applejack having finished the last evening of her chores had retired to her room and was lying in her bed when she heard a soft knock on her door.

    "It's not locked. Come on in." She said as she looked up from her book.

    The door slowly open and Applebloom peered into the room. "Sis, do ya have a moment ta talk?"

    AJ bookmarked her book and set aside. "Of course Little Bloom! What's on yer mind? Come on in and close the door."

    The buttercream yellow filly entered and closed the door behind her. Slowly she wandered over to her sister's bed. She stopped in front of it and scuffed a back hoof on the floorboards.

    "Well sis. It's about that letter I got yesterday about Stone Mane coming ta Ponyville. I wrote him a back saying that I'd be happy ta meet him when he comes ta town." She paused for moment. "But today I was talking with Sweetie and Scoots and I realized that all Stone Mane knows about me is from what he's a seen in the Dream Realm."

    Applebloom looked down at the floor. "But there I can do all kinds of amazing stuff. Like fly and create stuff from out of thin air! But here in the physical world I'm just an ordinary, boring filly. What I'm afraid of is that he's a going ta be disappointed or think I'm a fake or something!"

    The Element of Honesty smiled gently and shifted over a bit on her bed. "Sugar Cube, climb up here and let's talk."

    After a couple seconds her little sister scrambled into bed alongside her. AJ nuzzled her sister for a moment and then spoke. "Applebloom." She said softly. "Yer not ordinary or boring. Yer an amazing filly and Granny, Big Mac and myself couldn't be more proud of ya!"

    Applebloom worried the pillow in front of her. "I know ya and Granny and Big Mac are proud of me, but that's cause ya all knew me before I started doing all this stuff with Princess Luna in the Dream Realm. But that's all Stone Mane knows is what I'm there. What if he doesn't like me here in the Waking World?"

    AJ gently tussled her sister's mane with a front hoof. "Ya really like Stone Mane dontcha? He's a something special ta ya isn't he."

    The filly's face turned bright red. "What! Sis! No! I mean yes, but not that way! I mean I like him but not that kind of like!"

    Applejack was laughing so hard that she missed the next 20 seconds of sputtering speech from her sister, and was still laughing when Applebloom started hitting her with a pillow. After about a minute of pummeling her sister with the pillow the little filly flomped back on to the bed.

    "Yer horrible!" Muttered the little filly. "When did ya all start thinking like Miss Petina?"

    Having recaptured her breath, and no longer having pillow shoved in her face, AJ spoke. ''Whoa Nelly! Now that mare is in a league all her own!"

    The yellow-orange mare looked at her sister. "Besides Applebloom consider this. Would Princess Luna had made ya her student and be a grooming ya ta be her assistant if ya weren't something special?"

    Applebloom paused for a moment and then nodded her head. "Yeah sis! Yer probably right." The filly sighed. "Thanks fer talking ta me about it though."

    Applejack nuzzled her sister again. "No problem Sugar Cube. That's what I'm here for."

    With that the little filly climbed out of bed. "Well I've a got homework ta do. Good night."

    She then trotted out of the room.

To be continued.

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"When did ya all start thinking like Miss Petina?"

You have no idea, kiddo!