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Continuing a series of Patreon patron rewards for :iconrebelsqurl:. He's asked for me to draw anthro versions of Mane Six as 5th Edition D&D characters.  Taste the Rainbow! by Baron-Engel  Y'all are gitting a smiting! by Baron-Engel  Strike from above by Baron-Engel He wanted Rarity Rarity Wink  to be rogue maybe an arcane trickster. Here we see her acquiring some new assets. 

      This Saturday 6/8/19 starting at 5:30pm Pacific I'll be creating more art on PicartoPicarto Icon  So join me for an evening of art, stories, D&D report, and some really great folks!

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini 

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Just like in Friendship Is Dragons.
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She's got pretty good assets even before she acquired more.
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And her treasure trove is nice too.  BTW, I love the look on her face here.
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Fabulous smugness!
BaronVonSteam's avatar
Can't argue with that!
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love the outfit, and the mischievous/evil grin
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
I see her as the paladin of the group 
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Oooh love it!! :D <3 <3  her outfit is quite  nice  ^_^
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Yeah I can so see that for Rara. Considering her special skills at locating precious gems, picking a few coin form unsuspecting pockets should be a breeze for her. :XD:
Baron-Engel's avatar
But done with such style and panache!
NezumiYuki's avatar
Rarity fab  But of course, darling!
MrELVeeJay's avatar
Rarity of the Seven Seas...
sevenofeleven's avatar
Ahh, nothing brings a smile to a lady's face like some new shiny trinkets.

"What was once yours is now mine."
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She really does, nice!
evodraconis's avatar
I've always pictured Rarity as some form of rogue or possibly a cleric.
Rarity is a lazy purse snatcher.  :D
Caraig's avatar
OH, wow.... Surprisingly gorgeous as a rogue!  Than again, she IS Rarity. =)
Baron-Engel's avatar
She makes it work.
Caraig's avatar
She absolutely does!  I almost wouldn't mind getting robbed by her.  Um... almost.  Because it'd likely be a pickpocketing and therefore I wouldn't notice until she was seven seas away.
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I'm reminded of Friendship is Dragons, which tells the MLP:FIM stories as if they were a group of tabletop RPG players. (There, Rarity is a "social rogue".)
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