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Eventually Luna had to inform King Trafalgar Maximilian Augustus Leopold the III in my Equestria dreamscape that Applebloom had school the next day and she'd need to descend into a deeper sleep state if she was to awaken refreshed and ready to face the new day. May I have a word with you

    Much to the princess's amusement, and annoyance, neither Applebloom or the king were interested wrapping things up. The two had been chattering away for the last 15 minutes about the proper way to construct an ice cream sundae.

    "I'm telling you the truth Applebloom! Trust your elders on important manners such as this. You always want to stack your flavors of ice cream from darkest to lightest. Put your heavier flavors and darker colors on the bottom of the stack. Chocolate first, strawberry second, and vanilla on top. Not only is it aesthetically more appealing, but it taste much better as well!

    "Um, yer majesty I must disagree with yer idea. I don't think yer theory is worth a hill of beans because I put so much chocolate sauce on my sundaes the ice cream all look the same!"

    The king stared horrified at the little filly. "Stars and moon! That utterly wrecks the whole symmetry of the sundae!"

    "Yeah but it tastes great!" Said the buttercream yellow filly.

    The king just stared at the little filly with a stunned expression. Sensing a lull in the debate Princess Luna seized the moment.

    "I understand that you two are engaged in a discussion that might decide the fate of the universe and all life in it, but I do need to get Little Bloom back to her dream fabric.

    The King and Applebloom made pouty faces but the princess was firm on her decision. As farewells were being made to both the king and Galapagos the king beckoned Applebloom over.

    "My dear maiden. The princess has informed me that you've become quite proficient in creating and maintaining iconic objects is that correct?"

    The little filly nodded her. "Yep! I've created all kinds of stuff!"

    The king smiled. "Then I have something to give you before you depart. I gave something similar to your princess many, many years ago, and it served her very well."

    The little monarch made a sweeping gesture with his hands over to the Princess of the Moon who smiled at him. Applebloom's gaze followed his gesture, when she looked back Trafalgar was holding what looked like a tiny gold version of Galapagos and the castle. With great care he handed it to the little filly.

    "This is for you my young maiden. If at any point you find yourself lost, both literally or figuratively, in the Dream Realm just visualize this gift and it will lead you to me."

    The little charm had a loop in it. Carefully removing her bow Applebloom affixed it to the elastic loop and clip that held it in her hair. It effectively vanished in her hair when she put the bow back on but the king still smiled.

    "Now it is time for you to go little one. Peace be with you on your journey and remember you are not alone. For even in the darkest places there can still be light."

    With that Luna and Applebloom flew away and began the journey back to Applebloom's dream fabric, for most of the journey they traveled in silence. However as they approached the little filly's dream fabric the Defender of Dreams spoke up.

    "So Little Bloom, what do you think of the king?"

    Applebloom chewed Luna's question over in her head for a moment. "He's a nice fellow, but I'm still wrapping my head around a few things. Was he a pulling my tail, or is he really as old as he said he was?"

    Luna smiled at her pupil. "To the best of my knowledge, yes he is. Time doesn't effect him the way it does others. Within the confines of his realm he is master of his destiny and decides what his future will be."

    They plunged into Applebloom's dream fabric and emerged over Sweet Apple Acres. The dull leaden skies were gone and it was bright, late spring day. Gently they landed on the platform of the CMC clubhouse. Luna looked down at the little filly and smiled.

    "I hope tonight's journey has been both informative and enjoyable for you Little Bloom."

    The princess lowered her head and looked into the little filly's eyes. "I know want your cutie mark very badly but it is your thoughts and deeds that will define your destiny the most. Not some cutie mark. You have your whole life in front of you and I sense you will do great things. Be patient, your day will come."

    Without warning Applebloom reached out and wrapped both of her hoofs around Luna and gave her a big hug.

    "Thank you." Said the filly softly. "Thank you fer being my teacher. Thank you fer being my friend."

    Luna closed her eyes gently nuzzled her. "Thank you for being my student. Thank, thank you for just being who you are." Whispered the princess.

To be continued.

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Baron, have you ever considered having someone (or a group of someones) do a dramatic reading of this tale? I ask because, on a lark, I read out loud some of the lines for Galapagos, King Trafalgar Maximillian Augustus Leopold the III, and Apple Bloom. And It was a hoot and a half. I know some people who might be interested in such a project if I could have your permission.

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Huggable Luna.Heart 
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Awwwww. ;w;

That was nice. I'm really glad for both Luna and Applebloom.
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D'aww! Adorable hug
"For even in the darkest places there can still be light."

I sense Foreshadowing.
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Umm... I looked up Star Dream expecting Kirby. Not this... well drawn piece.
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Stay tuned to find out.
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sooooooo beautifulllll Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
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Watching the interaction between Princess Luna and Applebloom is guaranteed to provide you with a regular diet of "Daw!" moments.
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