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Tempest Shadow's Armor

Yesterday I posted some sketches of my take on Tempest Shadow from the MLP Movie.  Tempest Shadow study sketches 01 by Baron-Engel This was the reason for those original sketches. This is Patreon reward for ArcticGryph0n. He wanted me to look at her armor from the movie and develop it into a more historical/realistic style. This is the end result.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini 

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wow! that  it one armor
ArcticGryph0n's avatar
My scowly wowly armored gal. She looks fantastic!

Thanks again Baron!
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ManicMikai's avatar
The armor is so cool! I love how you made it accurate to the german gothic era armor too. It's my favorite.
NoradTwo's avatar
"Before the next sunrise, Canterlot will be yours."
gummy-gundam's avatar
cool armor, love, love the face
Alexander-Krozz's avatar
I hope to see more of her from you. 

also... that armor is amazing, absolutely amazing
ardashir's avatar
She looks good in that Gothic barding. You really know how to illustrate armor. It reminds me of the illustrations Angus McBride did.
Baron-Engel's avatar
That maybe because the late Angus McBride was one of my heroes when I was in college. I have dozens of books with his illustrations in them.
ardashir's avatar
He was indeed an amazing artist.
Lunar-White-Wolf's avatar
Simply awesome! *o* You must have worked so hard on all those details!
Baron-Engel's avatar
It takes a little time but once you know how to do it you can knock it out pretty quickly.
K4nK4n's avatar
Tempest Shadow has by far the most interesting character design in the MLP universe. At least to me.
DragonStrider's avatar
Fucking best pony waifu!
NothingImpossibe's avatar
Well, that was quick!
Monkeythechimp's avatar
Nice barding Baron :3
Baron-Engel's avatar
Thanks. Probably should've called it that in the description, but then again in my Equestria dreamscape ponies use both words, with many considering barding to the older more antiquated term.
srmalloy's avatar
The articulation reminds me a bit of the Panzer Trampler Promaxis from the anime 'Panzer World Galient'.
Monkeythechimp's avatar
Ha har! I do like that about your dreamscapes I truly feel the depth of it all when you mention things like that. ^_^
Good work as usual, but she looks way to armored up for all the acrobatics and general agility she tends to display. Buuuut this wasnt my art so meh.
WidowPeak's avatar
Plate armor is nowhere as restrictive as people tend to think.

That being said, it is noisy as fuck XD
srmalloy's avatar
Most people hear 'plate armor' and think of jousting gear, where you _did_ have outfits that were difficult to move in by the time jousting fell out of favor. Field plate was enormously different, and its evolution retained the basic need of being able to move and fight without exhausting the wearer.
WidowPeak's avatar
Okay, but why are you telling me that? I am the one saying plate armor is not restrictive.
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