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Sun Worshipper color


This is the piece started on my Picarto stream a few weeks back. Well now that the Holidays are over I decided to get this done and ready for the Further Confusion art show. It is my typical colored pencil, with a bit of technical pen and some gouache. So this is more or less what one of the images looked like that Petina showed when she gave her presentation one night in my dreamscape of possible anthro pony picture I should consider doing. 

Things I learned doing this piece:

1. Celestia's mane is difficult to do.

2. Tequila Sunrises are easy to do.

3. Celestia's mane is difficult to do.

4. I'm getting better at bird wings

5. Celestia's mane is difficult to do.

If you are detecting that her mane is difficult to do, you'd be correct. However I wanted to get some more practice rendering it in color before I start on the color version of Sun Chariot

 Edit: 1/24/16 Also because of comments and general interest I went and list the framed, original art of Sun Worshipper on EBay Ebay Icon  It is a 7 day auction. Follow the link to get further details and information.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon :patreon: 
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Praise the Sun.

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Glad you like it.

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I know I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating.

This would be super impressive if done digitally, but as traditional art at this level of detail, I'm left speechless.

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Very hot princess.

Celestia is the best.
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Sweet Sweet Celestia.
darkdoomer's avatar
she's definitively a majestic creature.
Ilike her in that style of yours!
GoldandSliverDragon's avatar
At least she doesn't need sunblock 
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Celestia and the amazing colors........Heart Heart Heart 
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Thank you. It was a fun piece to work on.
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Definitely one of the more favorite colored pieces you've drawn.  :+favlove:

Look forward to seeing what you do with Luna soon.
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great work !
I made a celestia with gold bikini few years ago ! :D…
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Need to get around to finishing that piece.
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Really amazing anthro.
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I need to get the Luna the swimsuit piece finished to.
Wooten1911's avatar
Yes! Please do!
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Happy birthday Gold94Chica!!!  Solaire approve !
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I will agree on all points. And add that Celestia just looks good in gold~
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I have plans to do a similar but nighttime setting picture with Luna. Since Petina had an image of her in a swimsuit to when she gave her little sales pitch.
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Ooooh, now that sounds like a great idea. owo

Though I know you probably already have a working idea planned out, just hearing you say nighttime makes me imagine a piece working opposite of Celestia's. A warm, starry night inland around a cozy pool or lagoon. Moon shining bright overhead.... maybe with the warm glow of tiki torches nearby. The splash of a waterfall close by while Luna reclines with her own frozen concoction in hand.... Yep, now I'm eager to see what you have planned. XD
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