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Subtle real subtle


So as the griffin cooled his heels in a palace prison cell in Canterlot, I'm afraid I have to stop you plans for Rainbow Dash and my household moved forward in my Equestria dreamscape. Having come to an agreement and a plan of action for Dash and I the night before, Out in the open I showed up to work the next day with a mixture of relief and apprehension.

    The months of speculation and wondering if I had been misinterpreting Dash's intentions was now behind me. Everyone in my household knew what RD was looking for, and in return the Element of Loyalty now knew what the conditions would be for acceptance into our merry little herd. Now it was just a matter of letting the rest of the world know of it.

    Both Dash and I felt the best place to start was at work, and Dash had said that she'd inform her staff during course of the day so everyone knew. Unfortunately I forgot ask her how she'd do that.

    A regular part of the daily routine was the morning meeting and briefing when the late evening teams would come off shift and give their status report before clocking out and going home. The morning teams would get their assignments and who was assigned to who. Also things like upcoming schedules and policy announcements were made at this time.

    Since Dash often took the morning shift, it gave her the afternoons off, she almost always did the morning briefing. Now RD isn't as anal-retentive as Twilight when comes to preparing her speeches, but she's given these so many times that she's got them down pat. In fast succession work assignments, forecast information and modifications, along with monthly status updates were quickly delivered in her own unique style of management and communication.

    Then came the upcoming work schedules. Things were following the script until we got to the weekend. “All right Saturday morning.” Said Dash. “Blossomforth you'll be on as the lead weather pony. There's not much on the schedule work wise so I think it will be a good time for you to get some more leadership experience! Midday I have the following full and part-time ponies scheduled.”

    As the work schedules were assigned I could see my coworkers starting to notice that certain ponies were not on the schedule. Particularly Dash and I which was kind of odd since we'd both taken time off recently to go to Cloudsdale. Slowly ponies began to connect dots.

    “Excuse me Dash.” Cloud Strider held up her hoof. “Why aren't you and Sky Brush on the schedule? It just seems unusual?”

    Now I knew that Dash was planning on making some kind of public announcement about our new arrangement, and I figured she'd say something about us wanting to take time off to address personal issues and that we were beginning to have feelings beyond friendship and wanting discuss it. Something like that.

    Rainbow Dash smiled.“Oh, Brick and I are off the schedule this weekend because we're going on a date Saturday and then he'll be spend the night at my place Saturday! Then on Sunday I'll most likely be hanging at his place with his mares!”

    Subtle Dash. Real subtle. I winced at this declaration. That was about as nuanced as brick thrown through a stain glass window. Immediately cacophony of conversations between ponies erupted in the room, and suddenly felt the stare of a half dozen stallions descend on me. For her part Dash was chatting with several mares about where we would be eating and what exactly were our other plans for our first date. Several of the stallions looked like they wanted to speak up but they remained silent.

    However from their looks I knew who they were going to talk to. It was going to be a very, very long day.

To be continued.

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awsome i love this drawing i love the realistic ponys im a brony and a furry and i love the style of this
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I am glad that my work appeals to you.
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She could've said "Me and Skybrush are going to discuss some things." but blunt and everything she is. Subtle as a TRAIN WRECK. Damn Dash, use your head some.
Baron-Engel's avatar
Yeah tact is not her strong point at times.
AMTRAK's avatar
No it ain't, and it can KILL points.
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Can we transfer your nickname over to Dash? Because she is as subtle as a brick to the face.

Might as well say 'We're having an orgy'
Baron-Engel's avatar
"Might as well say 'We're having an orgy'"

I am pretty certain many a pony had exactly that image in their mind
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Oooooooh boy. Here we go again. XP

Yup, the title says it all. That was just about as subtle as a freight train. Good lord the expressions though in here... stink eyes aside, I love that look the mare next to you is giving. It just screams, "hot dog" for some reason. Clearly, she is enjoying the prospects of juicy details later on.

I can only imagine though, this is going to lead to more trouble for you. My apologies.
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Oh boy! Something exciting is happening at work! Yes I've had coworkers have that expression upon discovering some juicy tidbit of gossip that they can enjoy.
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I love the facial expressions in this picture, especially the mare giving the skunk-eye.
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Ok, wait... your nick name is Brick?.... is she sure she didn't goof on that?..>_<
TCPolecat7's avatar
Dash was rarely one for subtlety...  but even that is one hard shot. I'm guessing she has a method to her madness... maybe.

- Polecat
K4nK4n's avatar
Wow, Dashy's totally not hiding anything...
Baron-Engel's avatar
Nope, she's being her usual adorable blunt self.
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Well looks like you won't be able to get any real work done for a while ^_^
That shift changing mechanism you described is the same that hospitals use.

Great face-hoof expression.  That's one headache no amount of Excedrin will help with. :D

The expression on the face of the stallion sitting in front of you is also great.

Is Dash still keeping up her BYF competition grade hygiene (with the shimmery fur oils)?

Who's the pony in the background with the big, wide eyes and the apparent "fwapped!" wings and mohawk?
Baron-Engel's avatar
"Is Dash still keeping up her BYF competition grade hygiene (with the shimmery fur oils)?"

Yep she's made that part of her routine now.
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Hey, don't hate the playa', hate the game! - at least you got the charisma and license to woo the fastest mare of equestria!
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And thus marked the beginning of the process wherein princess Twilight Sparlke drafted up Equestria's first "Fraternization in the Workplace" laws
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Haha good job Dash, smooth as crunchy peanut butter !
Baron-Engel's avatar
And just as likely to create a mess.
Featherthefurry's avatar
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