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Sombra 6hr color


This is a 6 hour experimental piece that I did today. The media is my usual colored pencil, however the piece was done on black paper which gives it a different feel and required me to tackle the piece differently. I worked very loosely and quickly. I only worried about blocking in broad areas of color, then went back tighten the piece up some. However only put in a few suggested details. Instead it is lighting that makes this work and makes the viewer imagine it as being more detailed than it is.

    One of the reasons I had to work loosely is due to the fact if you get too aggressive when blending the colored pencil with the odorless mineral spirits you just end up taking color right off the working surface.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon

Edit: Dec 9th I am very honored that this piece was used as the front piece for Early Morning Discussion #365 link
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Thank you. I am rather happy with how piece came out and how it has been received by the public. I am thinking of do a Queen Chrysalis.
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That would be really cool :D All praise the Queen!
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Very nice shading! :)
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Thanks I am thinking of doing either a Queen Chrysalis or Nightmare Moon in this style.
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Wow, that looks unbelievably smooth!
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Thanks I may do one Chrysalis in this technique and method.
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That is one handsome villain. I love the barely-asymmetrical smirk.
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Yes he does have a rather contemptuous grin on his face.
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How does Sombra appeal to you, dear baron?

His untapped potential appeals to me in several dark ways.
Sombra represents Equestria and the Crystal Empire's crimes of Racial Injustice and Genocide against the Umbran species.
Lied to by Amore and allowed to suffer without reason and explanation for many years.
Sombra metes out justice on Amore, only to be accused of being a monster by Radiant Hope.
After rightfully claiming the Crystal Throne, he punishes the Crystal Ponies by having them unearth and restore his species to existence.
But by the wickedness of interlopers, he is cheated of his throne, his domain, his servants, and his destiny.
He was utterly foiled, shattered, and replaced by false and undeserving usurpers... not in the name of love and justice... but in the name of this status quo: To keep the Umbrans as buried memories.
Add to the final note that Celestia secretly express affection for a Sombra from an alternate universe and abhors the Sombra of her own world and you realize that Celestia is a despicable hypocrite.
Equestria and the Crystal Empire preach their empty lies of friendship, harmony, hope, and love but they are proof that there is no such thing as coexistence, tolerance, and equality; They won't allow the Umbrans even their most basic rights to live and exist.
Because they rightfully fear them as their own sins made manifest.
Their status quo to keep the Umbran as buried memories... it is only feeding the fire to an eternal cycle of vengeance.
And no matter what is done, it is absolutely pointless to fight shadows as long as the sun is still alive.
The Equestrian and Crystal ponies will ultimately get what they richly deserve from the Umbrans... because Justice is never always blind and discriminatory.

Please pardon all of the contempt you sense in this rambling.
This is how I feel a true Umbran would see things as they are.
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I believe you misunderstand my intent in posting an image of the character Sombra. I did it as study of the character and as testing of techniques on a different working surface.

Anything else you read into is what you bring to the table. He does not appeal to me at all. He is intriguing to me, but that is different. I will study individuals like him as a way to better understand the full range of the human condition. The same way I've read about Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler and the Spanish Inquisition. I view them as being cautionary tale. However you position on the subject is quite clear, and I am not in the mood to go into a long drawn out argument about the difference between show canon and the comic canon.
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I'm sorry.
I was just asking a question about what you think of Sombra.
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Well to be blunt I have read the comic book stories about him including the current ongoing one, but take the comic canon as not having the same weight as the TV show's canon. So based on the TV show canon I really don't know whole lot about the fellow. He doesn't get much in the way of lines and for the most part comes off as a brute. Not that history hasn't had lots of those.
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So he's still underdeveloped for you to have any interest.
Fair enough.
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Wonderful work.

Too bad he was mute again, huh?
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Well when he pops up in my dreamscape he gets a few more lines of dialogue. However I learn this entirely through other ponies tales.
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nice one bro
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Hey, look! This was a feature piece on EQD!

Early Morning Discussion #365

Twilight (Cute clap) Plz Twilight (Cute clap) Plz Twilight (Cute clap) Plz 
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Eeyup. Should be in the Drawfriends today to.
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This looks really, really strange. The good kind of strange. I am not used to this black paper thing.

"odorless mineral spirits"

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"odorless mineral spirits"


Odorless mineral spirits, also referred to odorless turpentine and other names. I use it to dissolve the wax in the colored pencil and Prismacolor Artstixs that I use. It allows me to more evenly blend the color and it removes most of the wax from the working surface so I can apply layer after layer of color while avoiding the heavy wax build up that can make working in colored pencil difficult.
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