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Snowfall Frost Home

The next Equestria architectural drawing series. It's Snowfall Frost's home from a Hearth's Warming Tail.Link  If you got an architect from the Gothic Revival drunk and then had them binge watch Scooby Doo they'd design this house for you.

This was about 3 hours of fun which might have been a little easier if I hadn't been a lazy ass and got myself a ruler, but no I just plowed ahead and did it all freehand. Fortunately a lot of examples of architecture I've seen from Europe and New England are not the most plumb structures on the planet. Oh and before someone asks, I have no idea how that chimney is staying up.

It is my hope that this will become other image that :iconearth-pony: will be laser etching on to wood in the future. The image is about 8.5"x 11" and it is for sale for $110.00 USD plus shipping. Also California residents must pay sales tax.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at PatreonPatreon Icon 
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Chimney is staying up through sheer audacity, ...
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WOW! I wish I can sketch like this
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No ruler? Wow!

I like it. It is very gothic~
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Fortunately none of the line are that long which made them easier to freehand.
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I would like to try to celebrate a christmas in 1800 style :) 
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Nicely drawn, Baron! I like seeing your drawings of architecture and mechanical things. You're very detailed with it all.
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That chimney is staying aloft through sheer stubbornness. If only we all could be so strong in will.
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Very fine art. I wish I could afford to pay for your take on Luna as the Ghost of Hearth's Warming Yet to Come.
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Nice one! You should spend more time doing architecture and engineering/inventing; you have an eye for that i could tell!
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Well I have done concept design for pre-production of films, TV, and video games before.
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Which ones? 
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Well they were all pre-production that never went into full production so I don't have that coveted screen credit to my name. Unfortunately an awful lot of stuff starts initial development only to never see the light of day. That's why I'm so proud to have worked on the Roan RPG which has gone to print!
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That's too bad, but it's good that you worked on that RPG as long as it made you happy :). I hope you get a big break soon and make millions if you aren't already rich!
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LOL! No! No, I'm not rich, but I consider myself very lucky I get to do this for a living.
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You sure are! Keep up the awesome work my friend. 
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Thanks I'll try. It is the support of my clients and my Patreon patrons that make it possible!
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This is wonderful!!! 
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