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Smuggler Vinyl Scratch

Character  Vinyl Scratch (DJ-Pon3)Location  Star Wars

Recently I posted some anthro MLP/ Star Wars artwork with Octavia Melody. Bounty Hunter Octavia by Baron-Engel Well Vinyl Scratch will be in at least one of the pieces. So I needed to do some development art of Vinyl. 

       Like Octavia blaster pistol, Vinyl's is based of an actual very early 20th century semi-auto pistol. The Hungarian Fegyvergyar Model 1901. Also known by the name of its designer. The Frommer 1901. Link

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon

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© 2021 Baron-Engel
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Vynil as a smuggler? Hmm...

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Vinyl looks amazing, and that blaster pistol is cool

Baron-Engel's avatar

Yes I think several good pieces will come from this.

Pretty good but not as cool as han solo's blaster.

twinsnakes02's avatar

Aw, I love seeing old timey weapons!!

WingMcCallister's avatar

I sense a themed "night-in" for these two in the very near future.

Baron-Engel's avatar

Well I did do a May the 4th stream earlier this year.

WingMcCallister's avatar

That you did. :)

A most fitting of holidays.

Mighty-Muffins's avatar

So kind of a mix blaster of that and also Han's? The Vinyl design is solid too.

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Mauser C96-HK VP70

Well Han's DL-44 blaster pistol is derived from the Mauser C96 Broomhandle pistol. Which is the pistol at the bottom.

Stu-artMcmoy17's avatar

This is awesome! And I love that blaster pistol you made for Vinyl!

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Very lovely lady.

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Did she shoot first, or was it Greedo?

Baron-Engel's avatar

Oh she'd shoot first if required.

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The problem with that change wasn't actually that Greedo shot first, was it?

It was that he had about half a minute to train his blaster on a captive, completely stationary, and man-sized target a yard away. He aimed straight at the center of mass, chatting the whole while. Then he just squeezed off a shot without warning... which hit the wall several inches away from Han. Yet the re-inserted hangar scene revealed he was a bounty hunter Jabba Triure would miss.

That Han didn't flinch or seem surprised by Greedo's attempted sucker-punch didn't help, either. He had every reason to think the Rodian wouldn't be so stupid. Both the original and special editions of the film suggest Jabba hoped to work things out with his valuable employee. And with so many eyes in Chalmun's that day, the Hutt would have gotten word of how Han really died.

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