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Skyshark 01

By Baron-Engel
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Like the last posting Twilight's armor 01 by Baron-Engel I could've sworn I'd posted this already to DA but apparently not?  This is the Skyshark and it is the airship that :iconchakat-goldfur: has coming to relieve the Crystal Empire in his fanfiction novel. I want to be very clear this is not an airship from my the Equestria dreamscape. It is much more sophisticated design, and yes it is magical which is why it can stay in the air with that small of a gas envelope.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon 
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....this is so cool.... It's sleek, gorgeous, make general sense aerodynamics wise...this is so cool!  *drools*
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Very nice. Can I adapt this design for my own works?
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Well the design is the creation of the author so you ask him not me.
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Ah. Yeah, should probably do that.
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Very beautiful art and concept.
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you could probably get this afloat using standard physics, but the engines would almost always have to be running to keep the buoyancy.
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As I said. Magic. As I was saying to another commenter this is almost a textbook example of what I refer to as Type 3 Tech. Where looking cool to a large part of the general population is more important than real world physics or function.
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I was thinking it could work, just would be incredibly inefficient.
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True but if it was incredibly inefficient then there would need to be very good reason for building it. In this case it is assume that Equestria has access to technology we don't have, and the client wanted something cool looking.
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In the case of some Governments, the cooler looking and bigger is all that counts.
Think of that "hotel" in North Korea that has over 2000 rooms and has under 200 total guests.
Or the Antonov 225 that in some configurations has 18 engines.
even our US's super guppy was more of a show machine than a realistic transport.

I don't disagree that you have the right of it, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.
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Looks good. However, I've got some design suggestions if you're interested.

The rear stabilizers should stay, but the wings are entirely unnecessary. You wouldn't need to worry about roll on a bottom-laden airship and with such an enormous drag area to begin with, flaps are not going to have much of an impact on braking (that goes for the deploy-able air brakes as well). In addition, the wings need the internal structure to be stronger to support them, and therefore heavier.

The directed air thrust from the nozzles would be a more practical solution for braking and general axial and transverse maneuvering, although a socket configuration seems rather excessive in mechanical complexity and weight and would necessitate a large internal volume dedicated to air ducting. If you're set on three-dimensional directed air, I would go with a concentric ring setup, similar to a gyroscope, with a C bracket connecting a cylindrical ducted fan to the gondola- other than the engine, all external and not dependent on air intakes, vents, and ducting tunnels.

You're not going to propel the airship upwards very effectively as you would have to overcome immense air resistance. Better to let the buoyancy do the heavy lifting.
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The wings are there because the client wanted the airship to very much have a shark-like appearance and this was the design they settled.

This design is a classic example of what I refer to as Type 3 technology. Tech that you design with the idea that looking cool for are large part of the viewing population is the most important thing. Practicality and function very often take a back seat, or have to walk, to visual appeal. 
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There are advantages and disadvantages to being an engineer. One of the disadvantages is the instinctual compulsion to spend a half-hour on the technical considerations of any given design, regardless its type.

Client: "Can you design me a ship that looks like this?"
Engineer: "Well, the design could be improved by-"
Client: "I have lots of money."
Engineer: "Certainly!"
You posted this to your Twitter account.
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I saw the picture and though "I shall call it, the shark." I was not very far off! XD
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I'm always in awe with your ability to make such things so plausible, Herr Baron. :D
Those vector nozzles are a brilliant touch, and I'd imagine similar to the British Harrier, and Americanized AV8B, the SkyShark can point all nozzles at the ground to permit heavier than neutral buoyancy take-offs.
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