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Silver Star color final

This is another piece of backer art for the Roan RPG. The pegasus in this picture is Silver Star and in spite of sustaining some horrific injuries he went on to become a visionary and vocal proponent for a strong, unified air force in Roan. Here he stands upon the deck of Roan warship observing maneuvers by the combined forces of the Roan Air Force.

The piece is my usual mixture of colored pencil, marker pen, technical pen, and white gouache. The image size roughly 14"x11" and is on vellum finish Bristol Board.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon :patreon: 
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*Flies in with an F-22 Raptor and blows everything up, "Who technology is more superior P****s"!!!
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Wow, awesome work!
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That just looks like the purest concentration of horseplane awesome.
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I hope to do some aviation and airship art for future Roan expansion books.
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Is that supposed to be an XP-52? 
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Great idea!!Argentina -OC Pegasus Trotter Gif- Argentina -OC Pegasus Trotter Gif- 
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I love the design aesthetic on these, all of the tech just screams Alternate 1950s Royal Air Navy, and the masterful multimedia execution is right out of a retro sci-fi recruitment poster of that era.
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All hooves on deck!!!!!
             Killer Dubstep Beats 
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I quite like your planes and airships. :3 They seem like some interwar/World War Two ships by design.
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Best I can read the arrangement of the background, there's about to be a collision.
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Well the airships are half a mile to a mile away. The aircraft is couple hundreds away, and the fliers are just clearing the superstructure. Collision?
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As I tried to pick what he was standing on relative to the big turret in the background. The turret and conning tower suggested a ship perpendicular to him, the wood suggested he's on deck and the rigging behind him seemed to reach a corner that could suggest a prow.

But if he's on an Airship I can see how the stuff might be arranged oddly.
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Cant keep your eyes from the circling skies.
Just an earth bound misfit......I.
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awesome to to see this completed!
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Glad you like it!
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And here we have, yet another amazing piece from Baron.

I see there the plane you studied short time ago, and the augments too.
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That's why I do the study sketches first before I start on the final piece. It helps reduce the number of variables I am juggling in my head at one itme.
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