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She sang to the moon


Service to the Crown Day was drawing to a close in my Equestria dreamscape. The day had been filled with memorable moments and amazing stories. We had reservations for dinner later in the evening, but there was one more event that we had been told we had to attend.

      The Royal Sisters connection to the sun and moon are celebrated with their own festivals during the year. However there was another ceremony that was performed not as often and for one of the sisters it had not occurred in over a thousand years. Tonight Luna would reconfirm her vows to the moon.

     As the sun set and the first gas lamps began to flicker on, a large crowd began to gather at one end of Promontory Park which looked out over much of Canterlot.  A part of the park jutted out like bow of a clipper ship, and from this location one could view both the western and eastern horizons. A small bandstand had been erected for the event and members of both the Canterlot Orchestra and the Royal Army Drum Corp were assembled there to assist in the ceremony.

     At the chosen time Princess Celestia and Luna came swooping into the park with an escort of Royal Pegasus Guard ponies. They had discarded The Royal Sisters War Barding and were once again wearing their usual trappings of office. Celestia looked at her younger sister and smiled then she turned her head and nodded to the conductor who was awaiting her instruction.  Then she took a couple steps toward west and the setting sun.

     What the sisters were doing was a variation of the raising and lowering of the sun and moon which they did every day. However this evening along with the performing their daily duties they were renewing their commitment and duties to the Kingdom of Equestria and the ponies that were their subjects.

     Celestia, now bathed in the golden yellow light of the sunset began to sing. Celestia sang to setting sun the same way a mother will sing a lullaby to help their foals drifted off to sleep. Soft, sweet there was an almost hypnotic rhythm to the song as the princess thanked the sun for its efforts and sent it off to slumber until dawn. Although she whispered the words they carried on the evening breeze and to every pony gathered there it felt like she’d sang that song just for them. A harpist, a couple flutists and a percussionist playing a small set of cymbals accompanied her song.

      As the last notes from the flutists drifted off into an every darkening sky Celestia finished her song. With head lowered and wings folded she gracefully took a couple steps back. Whether by planning or luck she stepped into an ever-darkening pool of shadow. The Princess of the Sun had relinquished her authority. The day was passing, now the nighttime was beginning. 

    The crowd now looked the east where the moon should be rising now. Much to everyone’s surprise the eastern horizon had a heavy band of cumulus clouds obscuring it. A couple of ponies in the crowd muttered that this was an unfortunate mistake. Luna seemed unconcerned by this and slowly took several steps in that direction.  Wings and folded and head bowed she began her ritual.  Four unicorn stallions from Royal Army Drum Corp softly began to play their great kettle drum sets assembled in front of them. Accompanying the drummers was a couple ponies playing double basses. Several ponies playing French Horns joined three ponies with cellos. A couple ponies playing trombones rounded out the group.  Luna came to a stop near the edge of the cliff. Then she began to sing.

     She sang not in the common tongue of Equestria. Hers was a song from the dawn of time. It was ancient and primal in nature. At first nothing more than whisper on the wind it slowly grew in strength. As she sang the clouds parted like titanic curtains upon the stage of the world revealing a pale yellow cream moon. Whether due to the Royal Sisters magic or carefully orchestrated weather ponies it was a fine bit of theater. As the moon began its ascent into the violet and indigo blue sky, Luna voice rose in strength and intensity. A strong breeze arose from the east causing her mane and tail to billow like great pennants. She threw back her head and her flung wings wide open. Using the full effect of the Royal Canterlot Voice Luna’s song felt as if it could reach every corner of Equestria.  The kettledrums thundered, the cellos and basses roared, the trombones echoed throughout the park and the French Horns howled like wounded animals.

     Although I could not understand a single word Luna was singing it felt as if she was a lover who had betrayed her partner and was now singing to them, asking for forgiveness. She was still loyal and passionate for her partner, but there was a feeling of terrible sadness and confusion to the song.  It felt almost as if Luna was accusing herself of having committing some terrible wrong and she was asking the moon to trust her once again.

     Everyone in the crowd stood dumbfounded by this performance. Tearing my eyes away from Luna I gave a glance to her older sister.  Celestia had remained in the same pose since relinquishing the day to her sister. Head bowed, wings folded she was almost motionless, but as I watched realized that Celestia was not completely still. She was trembling slightly and a pained expression covered her face. I didn’t understand what I was looking at when a voice whispered softly in my ear.

     “I was wondering if this ceremony would bring back old, painful memories for both of them.” Turning my head I realized was Twilight standing by my side, her gaze was also affixed upon her mentor.

     “The moon is the physical manifestation of Luna’s office.” Twilight said.  “The moon is the symbol of her authority and the source of much of her power. However the moon is now also a symbol of her greatest shame and the prison that held her for a millennia.  It is the mechanism that Nightmare Moon attempted to tidal-lock this planet with and plunge Equestria into endless night a thousand years ago.”

     Twilight shook her head slowly. “The moon also became a daily reminder to Celestia of what she perceives as her greatest failure, her inability to stop Luna from becoming Nightmare Moon in the first place.  Despite everything the princess tried she could not prevent her younger sister from succumbing to the dark power. In the end Celestia was forced to turn Luna’s own office against her when she banished her sister to the moon. It broke the bond between them and the Elements of Harmony. It destroyed the seat of Equestria’s government and rendered the Everfree Forest beyond the control of pony magic. Then Celestia was required to assume not only the office of the Sun but also that of the Moon. Everyday she had to wield the very power that had sent her cherished little sister away.”

     As Luna’s song reached its climax I looked around at the audience gathered that evening in park. They stood in wonder of the performance and were speechless to the raw emotion that was pouring from the princess. Finally Luna’s song came to an end. The kettledrums continued for couple more seconds then went silent. No one said a thing. Then softly somepony started stomping their hoofs in applause, another pony joined them. Slowly building like an avalanche it rose in volume and enthusiasm.

     Then from below park another sound arose. Down in the streets of Canterlot ponies were standing outside looking up at where Luna stood.  They were cheering. Cheering for their Princess of the Night, cheering in honor of wondrous performance, cheering that once again she was amongst them. Traffic had stopped in the streets; ponies had opened their windows of their homes and were looking up. They sang out Luna’s name, they stomped their hoofs in applause, all over the city fireworks spontaneously rocketed into nighttime sky.

     “Luna! Luna! Princess of the Moon! Luna! Luna! Princess of the Night! All hail Luna!” cried the ponies of Canterlot.  

     Luna looked befuddled at first as she attempted to understand what she was beholding. Then slowly a smile spread across Luna’s face, her jade green eyes began sparkle and glow. Launching herself off the cliff face she flew out over Canterlot.  Dancing amongst the bursting fireworks she called out once again in the Royal Canterlot Voice.

     “Thank you everypony! Thank you all! Let us share this festive night together!” Then with wild abandon she dove down to the streets below.  

        After a moment of hesitation the Royal Guard began to take off in pursuit of the wandering princess.

      “At ease!” Called out Princess Celestia. “She is safe” The guards seemed torn between these instructions and their instinct to protect the Princesses but orders were orders.

     “Let her go, tonight she is with friends.” Said Celestia.

       Slowly Celestia strolled over to the edge and looked down below. In the town square Luna was laughing and mingling with residents of the city. Celestia eyes were full of both joy and relief. The sadness and pain vanished and a smile grew on her face. Softly almost in a whisper she spoke.

     “I told you they loved you sis. Tonight be free of your office, your duties, and your past. Tonight forget the rumors and lies; tonight just be another pony amongst friends. Tonight just be another pony who is loved and give love in return.”

 To be continued.

 FYI. This song captures some of the feeling of Luna’s

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon

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Woah...You should have totally put the music link at the start of the chapter, it was already great, but this music...

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She needed that. Acceptance, something she has been seeking for very long.

Fortunately for her, it seems most ponies appreciate her existance.
Baron-Engel's avatar
It was a very moving moment in the dream arc.
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That's...too hard. Too emotional. But still...Beautiful.
Baron-Engel's avatar
Glad you like it still.
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She sang not in the common tongue of Equestria. Hers was a song from the dawn of time. It was ancient and primal in nature.

Namaarie A´ maelamin
Namaarie Melamin

Namaarie A´ maelamin
Lle naa vanima
Tira ten´ rashwe
Lle vesta? Sut an? Sut an? Vanima

Namaarie A´ maelamin
Lle naa vanima
Tira ten´ rashwe
Lle vesta? Sut an? Sut an? Vanima

Vanima ...

Thomas Bergersen - Two Hearts (feat. Merethe Soldvedt [Quenya])
Baron-Engel's avatar
Listened to the piece and it quite beautiful, but Luna's song was more of a lament.
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A very emotional image, though her tongue is a bit disturbing.
Lunar-White-Wolf's avatar
Amazing, your drawings looks so realistic!
Baron-Engel's avatar
Thank you. I am finally starting to get a better feel for the look I am striving for.
Baron-Engel's avatar
Thank you. I know I have said it before but Service to the Crown Day was one of the most vivid and moving dream arcs I have had in the Equestria dreamscape.
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There's little else I can add.
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Glad you liked it.
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Glad you drew and wrote it. =)
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Hello glad you enjoy my work so much. If you are interested in how I go about drawing and you have the time tomorrow I'll be be doing another live art stream starting at 5:30pm PST on Picarto . New watchers are always welcome and you might get some ideas of how I go about drawing.
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I'm sorry :( I just realised! It would be like 1:30 in the morning for me, so I can't :(
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Okay. Just so you know I should have another stream on the 20th of December, and I should be on "Stay Brony my friend" both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve as well.
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I will keep that in mind! Thank you!
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