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Shade tree mechanic



Applejack stepped back and grunted.

    "Okay, crank her over! Let's see how she does."

    Applebloom turned the key and the 32 Ford Deuce roared to life and then settled down into an idle. The mare closed her eyes and listened to the engine run for a few seconds. She opened her eyes and glared at the filly.

    "Don't ya say it." Growled the mare. Applejack (angry) plz 

    The little filly nodded her head and was silent for a few seconds.

    "Okay, but it's still missing." Applebloom (cute eye) plz 

    AJ resisted the urge to throw something at her little sister. Unfortunately AB was right she looked at the engine and then back at her sister.

    "Don'tcha have chores ta do?"

    "Already did them."

    "How about yer homework?"

    "I'm on summer vacation sis." Said the little filly.

    "Don't ya want be out with yer friends at the swimming hole or shooting spit wads at Diamond Tiara?"Asked the mare.

    "Shooting spit wads at DT is why ya grounded me sis, and why I'm here helping ya with this jalopy. " Said the little filly as she wiped her grease covered hands on a rag.

    The little filly stood up and leaned over and listened intently for a moment. She then pointed at the engine.

    "It's a the number 2 plug. It's a firing early."

    AJ groaned. She'd learned the hard way that her little sister had an uncanny knack for troubleshooting, and AJ needed this jalopy in running order if she was going to compete in the races at the fairgrounds this Saturday. She shook her head and went back to work.

A commission art I finished today.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon :patreon: 
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Did you base it on an old Ford flathead V8? It looks awesome