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Schoolmasters have tea

Celestia laughed and then levitated her tea cup up off its saucer. "Oh my Albus! It certainly sounds like Harry and his friends can get themselves into some wild adventure at times. Why it reminds of the time that Twilight and...."

    Another request from my last Picarto Picarto Icon  stream. It was an interesting idea proposed by one of my followers in the chat. Albus Dumbledore and Princess Celestia enjoying afternoon tea and telling stories about their triumphs, failures, and just amusing moments as the heads of their schools. Also I could see the two of them having no problem explaining or appreciating the different types of magic they train their students for.

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They bond over the fact they do a lot less to help then they probably should 
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This needed to happen.  This looks awesome!
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Celestia looks lovely!  Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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I know their only having tea, but something tells me they may get together from time to time for some hard Pumpkin juice...
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"Mr. Dumbledore, I am glad we have met. Never have I known any other being who had such a passion for chamber music."
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School headmasters talks about magic & adventure. :)
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I hope you'll consider finishing this one and adding color... would LOVE to see it.

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Turns out Dumbledore is alive and well, he just felt things were too damn crazy at the school and it was time for the next generation to handle things.
:iconmarktwainplz: "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
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He deserved a nice retirement.
Pone-Dancer's avatar
Plot twist: Dumbledore never actually died, he just teleported to Equestria.
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Then what did they bury?
Pone-Dancer's avatar
Hmm...good question... 
I'd assume a wax figure, since they look super real when done correctly. 
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Took his retirement and lived out the rest of days in comfort.
S-White-Pony-Kidwell's avatar
That is an EXCELLENT Idea... :)

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"At least you don't have a Snape among the faculty, Celly."
I wouldn't be so sure about that, given some of the events in the current season...
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Well, technically Neighsay wasn't faculty, just a bureaucrat.
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This would make for an interesting fanfic n.n
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Oh man, I didn’t know I needed this until now! XD

This would’ve been perfect as an extra scene for laughs!
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