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Roseclaw's armor 01

By Baron-Engel
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Another bit of concept design for :iconchakat-goldfur: commission. One of the characters of the bridge is a griffin named Roseclaw. This is an idea I have for her armor since it is somewhat similar to Long Path's armor.

Commission: MLP Magetek Armor Designs 01 by Baron-Engel

    Note the sketch of her firing the carbine is just me brainstorming. I am uncertain exactly what kind of weapons the griffins are using, but I thought the idea of a mana powered energy carbine was amusing. Plus it let me get some study in on the belly armor.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon 
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DreamWorks was should make a film "How to train a gryphon", - it was be make an enormous success, than those strange story, where dragon don't look like dragon!
awesome posturing. :)
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the quilted armor is there to help cut down on weight?
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That and it also prevents chafing of armor against the wearer. And in some cases a layer of lighter, flexible armor was sandwiched between the padding.
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like a light leather or lamellar?
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More like light chainmail.
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would be more flexible than some lamellar
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Yes, but sometimes you sacrifice material protection for improved range of movement and comfort.
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comfort does mean something when you're in a combat position. It allows you to focus easier, at least that's what I was told. My military experience is in a US Army tour band.
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Oh. Friggin'. Yeah!

I absolutely LOVE your armor/weapons of Equestria art.  It is obvious that you've used a lot of time to consider "what would they do to make...". It looks cool, and it is very believeable (as much as MLP can ever be I suppose, but anyway...)
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Glad you appreciate the effort I put into them.
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Oooooh, did TechBird invent rifles for House Path? Oh my.
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While weapons like these had not been created as yet at the time of that story, they're definitely something that will be developed in the coming years.  This design looks as good as anything that Techbird will come up with.
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I'm sure in the meantime, you could always look for intermediary weapons like repeating crossbows that are tipped with magic crystal arrow heads. Because magic crystals can do a lot of stuff... like let you do your own pony version of Army of Darkness with exploding arrows.

Now I'm imagining that as part of Spike's Ogres & Oubliettes game. They already had lots of pony skeleton warriors.
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Well that was me just brainstorming. They actually don't have weapons like that in the story. I just wanted an excuse for showing off the belly armor.
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Oh, well, that works too. Still, awesome designs all around. <3
Savior of E-ques-tri-aaaa!
<insert base guitar chords here>

What an enjoyably cheesy movie the 1980's Flash Gordon movie was.
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You realy like flash don't you?
I make no excuses.  Cheesy sci-fi is FUN to watch.

And that Flash Gordon movie was seriously cheesy.

As a side note, the music for that movie was done by the rock band Queen w/Freddy Mercury.
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This is really awesome Baron, I'm liking the creativity of this armor that you design. Great work! :D
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mannn you`re so cool XD i wish i could hire you to design an armor for Dora XD
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