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This is the big boy I have been developing off and on for awhile.  Skyshark 01 by Baron-Engel  Bridge design 01 by Baron-Engel  Twilight's armor 01 by Baron-Engel Roseclaw's armor 01 by Baron-Engel  The Crystal Empire by Baron-Engel   Composition thumbnails 01 by Baron-Engel Well here's the final piece. It is a commission piece for :iconchakat-goldfur: Princess Twilight and her forces from Equestria prepare to break the changeling siege of Crystal Empire. They've got their work cut out for them.

One facet of the piece that was a challenge was how I would handle the literally thousands of changelings flying around the force bubble. Then realized that starling murmurations were a perfect source of inspiration YouTube. However I just didn't want it to look like a million starlings were trying to poop on the Crystal Empire.

Then looking at still photos of the flocks I realized that sometimes the flocks looked like objects. A horse's head, a flying angel, a dragon. Then I thought what if Chrysalis was actually guiding and controlling her followers to deliberately form some huge monster flying outside the city. 

The image is 13.5"x 26" and is done in colored pencil, marker pen, technical pen, and gouache on vellum finish Bristol board.

Edit update. If you want to read the story that this piece is based on FimFiction

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon 
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"Lord Commander Violet, reports indicate that the renegade Changeling swarm outnumbers us 6 to 1 at 30,000 warriors and has all but achieved total aerial superiority." Princess Twilight summarized, calmly and firmly as a leader must. But even so, her voice still carried a hint of concern at the odds stacked against them, "Are you certain that our combined ad-hoc force will be able to neutralize it and relief the Crystal Empire?"

"Nothing is for certain in war, your highness, but I am fairly confident." Lord Commander Violet replied, the tone of her voice complementing her words, "The enemy understands the value of superior numbers, but it seems they have not appreciate the value of superior firepower. Our airship fleet has several flotillas of escorts with dedicated anti-air and anti-personnel armaments, fully loaded for battle and ready to fire at a moment's notice. And they will as soon as we can establish a kill-box with our fliers and small-craft, and herd the enemy force into it as they get into range.

"Rest assure, impressive numbers they may have now, by nightfall..." She finished, putting on her helmet, "It won't be as impressive, once our flak cannons and incendiary rockets make short work of them."

Colonel Green Mane hid his wince behind his hard frown next to the commander of their Griffon allies. He would rather not imagine the sort of bloodbath that is coming. It almost made him pity the poor bastards.