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Hi out there. Unfortunately one of the downsides of taking on commissions is that I may not be posting as regularly in the future since client work takes priority over my general dreamscape sketching. However I usually can show folks what current projects I am working are and how they are progressing.

Recently :iconearlmcclaw: commissioned me for a steampunk Rosemary Parker image. This project is still in the early stages and I am still working out some of the foundation details of the picture. One of the important details is what exactly Rosemary is going to be wearing. These are three of my initial ideas of what she might be wearing. We'll see how it evolves from here.

Now I find the concept of steampunk to be a fascinating example of what-if world building. However I often find much of the concept design done for it causes me to gnash my teeth. To use a phrase that :iconcatspaw-dtp-services: came up with, I find most steampunk design to be "aggressively impractical". It is often devoid of any sense of ergonomics and poorly apes much of the design sensibilities of the 19th century. Fortunately McClaw has many the same feelings so I am being allowed to develop something that is pinch more practical.
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