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Patreon reward: Ambush

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Published: August 28, 2015
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Now I was certain I'd posted this already but apparently not! This was a :iconcaerdwyn: Patron reward from the month of July. Scene is from one of the game sessions of his Fallout Equestria style game. The game has the current working title of "The Isotopes of Harmony" and this show the player group not at its "A" game. Two of players are former vault dwellers who have been tossed out into this strange new world. That would be my character Doctor Strongheart, unicorn standing on top of the cart desperately trying to not fall off. He did eventually. And Johnny Applebuck who is an earth pony technician played by :icondustypony: The two of us have linked up with :iconcatspaw-dtp-services:griffin trader a who answers to the name of Goldie. That is actually a shorten version of her full name.

Our characters are now in enrolled in a crash course on how not to get eaten by, Rad Scorpions, Raiders, Manticores, oh and giant Ant Lions. We almost failed that lesson. Fortunately our little band of intrepid characters has been gaining more and more experience and more and more gear. We're almost to the point where we feel like we might survive this grand adventure!

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon

If you like what you see in my work and would like to have a piece of art from me; then contact me about a commissions.
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Capt-SierraSparxHobbyist General Artist
Bugs....  Why'd it have to be bugs... ick
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Baron-EngelProfessional Traditional Artist
Bugs were our bane for the first couple of sessions!
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Speaking of pics from your livestreams, I haven't seen the Petina carhop pic uploaded yet, and I'm certain said mouse/unicorn is probably getting a bit impatient for you to post it.
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They have unicorn. Couldn't he cast some detect life spell? And maybe the earth pony could feel the earth around them.
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Magic in this game isn't a catch-all. Unicorns have to know specific spells.

In any event, the Apocaponylypse greatly distorted and weakened the magic available to ponies of all races. Unicorns have been weakened, fliers can't leave ground effect without great effort... but earth ponies are the toughest bastards out there, and they substantially outnumber pegasus-ponies and unicorns at this point. That being said, they still don't have any sort of "earth sense"... that hasn't been shown to date in the show, and it certainly would not have strengthened after the downfall.
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Baron-EngelProfessional Traditional Artist
Yep, but even if you have the skill if you don't know when to use it it won't save you!
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Vault 13.  That's not at all foreshadowing of this group's luck, now is it? =D
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Baron-EngelProfessional Traditional Artist
Nope! Nothing ominous here!
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DingoPatagonicoHobbyist Traditional Artist
ow! :ambulance:
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You got talons and a beak, Goldie, put 'em to use!
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Well you might not be. In the fight at least you have your war face working.
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I've since added a rule to the game for griffons.

PERK: Adrenaline Rush (griffons only). When burning a Stamina point for increased Strength, a griffon gains 2 points of Strength instead of 1.

Given that normally Strength will max out around 4, and that Strength governs melee combat "hit" and damage, flight, and adds to Wounds (hit points), that's kinda a bit deal. Goldie, however, has a preference for shooting things, and likes to burn a Stamina point or two to get into the air then glide-and-shoot.

This is a game that heavily favors the alpha strike, as getting injured reduces your combat ability as you take the injuries. Fights get one-sided fairly quickly, as they do in real life, and as often as not the decision to cut-and-run early is a life-saver.
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That is very true about hitting hard when you can as early as you can. I learned that from Israeli hand to hand combat training. My brother would be into this he was big in Dungeon and Dragons gaming. I was old school using military pieces punch outs playing old board games like Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Kursk. Terrible dice rolls on my part. The bad numbers work great for backgammon but not board games.
Now video Call of Duty, Battlefield I am all in. Just don't go online much due to the hackers and cheats. I've got too much real life training to waste on some kid using one hit one kill on me using a pistol at a thousand yards.
Nice work on your gaming, good luck to you.
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mouseandersonHobbyist Traditional Artist
My Unicorn got killed in ambush like this in Ponyfinder.
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Well, somebody's gonna need a new leg! 
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Earth-PonyHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ew ew ew No thank you, back to the vault!
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Ah, but that's not an option.

Those three are all who had survived a sudden spellstorm of epic strength. They had been unable to retreat back to the Cellar as the fast-moving storm swept over the area, unable to outrun it (the leading edge was moving at well over a mile a minute), and the Cellar computer had sealed the door. The prerecorded announcement that "Exterior conditions unsuitable for pony life; ten-year lockdown initiated" wasn't good news. Neither were the bodies of the others who hadn't made it to the shelter of the nearby caves in time.

The problem with this particular spellstorm is that it wasn't retreating. It had filled the entire valley behind the Cellar, seething and lethal from the ground all the way up to all but the tallest mesas. There had been homesteader ponies and griffons in that valley; now, the only place life could survive in that area is above the spellstorm. Scattered islands of tabletops, similar to Monument Valley… and the tepuis of Venzuela… are the only places survivors could retreat to, and they are completely cut off (flight is very difficult in a post-Apocaponylyptic world with flight magic so disrupted).

Goldie came from a griffon community in that area... it was her first trading trip to that rumored Cellar that had just opened. Hell of a way to start her career, and there's no knowing whether her friends and family are dead, or alive and awaiting starvation. She hasn't cried... yet.

Nothing to do but move forward.
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"Giant ant lion~!! Let me hack it to pieces~!!"
Dagnabbit, how I wish I could play this game...
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Ant lion!

I guess the big types don't dig conical holes and hide in the bottom to catch things that fall in. Or pupate into lacewings.
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Rather, the kind that lurks in the sandy "oxbow" curves of flash flood channels that critters have to cross to reach the only nearby source of nontoxic water. Consider how deep the sand is here… and here… (yes, both sites ARE rivers; the water is several feet down in the sand creeping along below the surface except during floods). Plenty of room in a not-altogether-realistic vaguely magical gaming universe for a sand-dwelling griffon-muncher to make a living.

You wouldn't want to see these guys once they sprout wings.
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NadnerbD Digital Artist
Well that looks like someone's about to lose a leg. Hopefully not, but I don't see how they're gonna get out of that.
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