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When you're sick you often do things to keep yourself distracted. Watch TV, play some mindless video game, listen to music, etc. Since I got my iPad Pro in 2015 it has been my go to device to entertain myself when I'm under the weather. It made dealing with my broken clavicle so much more bearable.

    Anyways I have been under the weather for the last day or so, To keep myself distracted I've been watching lots of videos on YouTube, and anime on Hulu. Also I have been sketching to take my mind off the fact I've been feeling like crap.

    One anime I am rewatching on Hulu has been One Punch Man. One Punch Man - Saitama  (Happy)  V1  Anyway I was watching an episode today when Petina popped into my head with this great idea for Applebloom's next Nightmare Night costume. Since one of the nickname's she's acquired in my Equestria dreamscape is Little Wrecking Ball; Petina thought she'd look cute in Saitama outfit.

    "She's perfect for the character!" Exclaimed Petina. "Well except for the fact she's not bald."

    Of course if you want this sketch it is for sale. $40.00 plus shipping. California residents pay sales tax. Drop me a note if you're interested.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at PatreonPatreon Icon 
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Just finished going through One Punch Man myself not too long ago. I agree, this is a very good combo. XD