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Nightmare color study

By Baron-Engel
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Another digital color thumbnail for an upcoming Nightmare Moon commission. The piece was done to determine what colors will be used in the final traditional media piece. The final composition still being worked out but it will be something like these. Nightmare Moon thumbnails by Baron-Engel The color study was done in Clip Studio Paint.
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the r e a r

Them colours on the clouds are wonderful, great work practicing there. Funnily, NMM herself looks much flatter in comparison, even her armor... which fits oddly well, because of who she is and how it does feel like she should be matte and "drink up" the colour and light as opposed to shine with lots of highlights and stuff.
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A moment before hitting Ponyville, I guess.

Wonderful work
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This is Beautiful! ^.^
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Nightmare Moon's butt looks like blueberry buns, heheh.
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             Chibi Nightmare Moon Icon 
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And the sale of plums goes up by 20% for no known reason.
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"As I contemplated the moon I contemplated getting a sandwich and coffee as well."
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Absolutely beautiful :)
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That moons. And the tail inserted between them.
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Looks great, but, one thing... the tail placement seems... way off.
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It was a very quick study and I was focused strictly on color elements, so its not surprising there are some minor details like that.
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I completely understand. It's was just a funny observation.
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neat cloud texture!
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