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A fine lunch had been enjoyed by all in my Equestria Dreamscape. Lunch with the king  King Trafalgar Maximilian Augustus Leopold the III might be a rather hyper, eccentric individual, but Applebloom still found him to be very amusing and soon found herself at ease in his presence.

    At some point after everypony was done eating the dirty dishes vanished from the picnic cloth. Applebloom didn't remember them being removed but suddenly they were gone. As the afternoon progressed they spent the time chatting with each other. King Trafalgar, Applebloom learned that his nickname was Traggy, seemed to be very interested in hearing about Applebloom first assignment to directly assist Luna in dream realm. We need a plan He insisted on hearing a recap of the whole affair.

    "Bravo!" Cheered the king when Applebloom got to the part where Stone Mane blasted the dragon with her help. I am no longer scared of you "And good riddance to the brute! It is a truly horrifying predicament when one cannot even find peace in one's sleep! My dear maiden you are truly a rare and special treasure!"

    The little buttercream filly blushed. "Ah, I didn't do that much. I just helped him realize that he was the answer all along. All I did was get him pointed the right direction. He did all the heavy lifting in the end." Lets do this!

    The king's voice suddenly took on a very serious tone. "True, but very often we fail to realize that they are both the source and the answer to our own problems. Do not belittle your labors Applebloom, for someday that colt will become a stallion and potentially a powerful ally."

    Then king voice returned to its usual comic tone. "And then he'll marry you and the two of you will have yourselves a fine family!"

    Applebloom's face went beet red. "Um, ah, Don'tcha think I'm a bit young ta be thinking about getting hitched! I mean I haven't even gotten my cutie mark yet!"

    Luna laughed. "Don't worry Little Bloom one of the king's favorite past times is playing matchmaker. You can't imagine how many times he tried to scheme, speculate, and attempted to find a suitor for me!"

    Eventually the conversation returned other topics. Then there was that inevitable lull that occurs when all talking just comes to a halt. All gathered just sat there and listened to the leave hiss and rattle as the late afternoon breeze caressed their faces. After a several minutes the king spoke up.

    "My dear Applebloom could I ask for your assistance in picking some flowers from that small rise over there?" The little light grey rodent pointed at an area a couple hundred yards away." I fear the ones in my great hall have dried and shriveled and are in need of replacing!"

    Applebloom looked at Luna; the Princess of the Moon smiled and nodded her head. "That sounds like a wonderful idea. Little Bloom would you be so kind to assist his Majesty?"

    "Uh yeah, um, ya need a lift your majesty?"

    Trafalgar bowed deeply. "Thank you fair maiden for your assistance in this quest of mine!"

    Then in one smooth motion the tiny king vaulted himself on the earth pony's back. "Let us go forth then on our mission!"

    Rising to her hoofs Applebloom sauntered off in the direction of the wild flowers. Upon reach them the king drew his saber and began cutting flowers in quick order with the tiny blade. For a couple minutes his only words were requests to the little filly to move here or there so he could gather certain specimens. However as he began slicing some golden-orange poppies he spoke up softly.

    "Applebloom I want to thank you for everything you've done for Princess Luna. What you're doing for her is of immeasurable wealth. She may have not said it to you since she can be aloof at times but you are very special to her."

    The little filly looked back at the king perched on her back. "Gee your majesty, I figure Luna done a lot more me than I've done fer her. I mean she helped me ta git rid of some pretty nasty nightmares that were left behind by that Deception. I'm just her student."

    The king hacked another flower stem. "And that's what makes you so precious. You're her student, her apprentice, you are first pony that she's been able to instruct in the matters of the dream realm. For too long she has been forced to bear this burden by herself. Her sister has had several students over the centuries who've been able to aid, support and assist directly in Celestia's office. But poor Princess Luna has had to bear this important part of her office alone with no comrade to share in the trials and tribulations. I have no doubt that was a contributing factor in her fall a thousand years ago."

    The king paused and looked up at clouds floating overhead. "I tried to counsel her, but even I was unable from preventing her into becoming Nightmare Moon. However if she start drifting astray this time you may be the rudder that sets her on the right course again."

    Suddenly the little filly connected to dots and stopped in her tracks. "Wait, what, hold on! Ya knew Princess Luna way back a 1,000 years ago? Before she became Nightmare Moon. How old are ya anyways?"

    Trafalgar laughed and played with one of his whiskers. "Oh dear Applebloom! I've known Princess Luna since she was just a filly about your age. Yes, yes I was there when she first started journeying into the dream realm. It was I who instructed her on many of the things she's now teaching you. I was there."

    He paused for second then continued in sad voice.

    "I was there when she succumbed to the loneliness and jealousy and opened her heart to that despicable being that turned her into Nightmare Moon! Neither I or her sister in the waking world could stop it. It was a truly sad day. Even worse there was very little I could do to comfort her sister. It is tribute to her character that she was not crushed by what she was forced to do."

    "To answer the second part of your question. How old am I? Time does not progress at the same pace in this realm as it does in your world. I'm in no hurry to reach my final destination; I'm enjoying the journey too much. Celestia's Sun was new in the world when I came into existence. I was here before the very lands that would become Equestria formed. I have been around for a very, very long time."

    Applebloom froze. She wasn't great at math but she could remember numbers and figures the Luna had given her as part of her astronomy lessons. Slowly she turned around and looked back at the king.

    "Uh, Trafalgar yer majesty. Celestia's Sun been around fer about 3 billion year. Give or take a few hundred million years. Are ya saying yer...."

    The king smiled. "I am saying I've been around for a very, very long time. Well! I think this is enough flowers for one expedition let's rejoin the rest of our party shall we?"

    Applebloom nodded her head and started silently trotted back to Luna and Galapagos.

To be continued.

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This has been a surprisingly excellent story arc.
Baron-Engel's avatar
King Trafalgar Maximilian Augustus Leopold the III will be a character who will reappear off and on in my Equestria dreamscape.
Oh, excellent. :D
Baron-Engel's avatar
Heck, on a couple of occasions her and the king along with Luna will team up to deal with problems in the Dream Realm Appleboom by Baron-Engel
I'm assuming that this Trafalgar guy is smaller than Petina in her mouse form, given how small he is in comparison to Applebloom who herself is still a filly?
Baron-Engel's avatar
That would be correct. He’s maybe 5” tall max. Petina in her original anthropomorphic mouse form is 8.5” tall.
Bet that would be a unique situation for Petina, having someone she can look *down* at when in her mouse form who's not a kid.
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Inmortals always end either crazy or depressed. He, is one of the first.
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he's a time lord. (couldn't resist.)
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He's also got a bit of Tom Bombadil in him to.
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"How cute, a magic ring."
Well, that does explain why the King may have taken after Bombadil a bit. You hit that age and a certain sort of serenity seems almost inevitable - that, or madness, one or the other. I'll take the goofy serenity any day.
Some legends are told,
Sometimes the dust turn to gold,
but you,
rember me for centuries!
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That would describe the king very well.
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Guess if he's been around that long one could say King Trafalgar has learned to recognize something special when he sees it! 
Baron-Engel's avatar
Yep he's got an eye for it.
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Equestria's Tom Bombadil?
So, King Trafalgar, just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop? ;)
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Heck, he might created them.
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The king has much wisdom to impart gleaned from his eons of life.
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Yeah, it would give a very different outlook on life.
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Quite sobering story, but excellent work with it and the pic.
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