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Chrysalis tucked the young changeling into the crib. Under the faint greenish glow of her horn the Queen of the Changelings reminded her offspring of it's task. Her voice hissed softly.

    "Nnnoowww. You know what I expect of you. You know deeds you must do. Do not fail. Succeed and you will be richly rewarded. Fail and you will harshly punished!"

     She then smiled and picked up the swaddled foal that she'd taken from the crib just a minute ago. Leaning forward she addressed the changeling in the crib one last time. 

     "I am leaving now. Make your queen and mother proud!" Then she melted back into the shadows.

      One of the drawings I started during my last Picarto stream. The theme was St. Patrick's Day. So it seemed natural to do a drawing of Chrysalis in the role more commonly found in more traditional fantasy and folklore settings. 

     Also for this drawing I decided to draw Chrysalis with the smooth skin as she is shown in the show, and without the semi-rigid scales that she has in my dreamscapes.  Deal with them by Baron-Engel  I'll do it myself by Baron-Engel

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon

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Wait what happened to the child she removed 🤔😱