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Love is a battlefield

As Pat Benatar said YouTube YouTube Icon . This is a Patreon reward for :iconmadbadger42: and he asked me to do a drawing of Princess Cadence MLP Princess Cadence (Determined) Plz  in armor/barding. Now he stated that he didn't wanted Cadence's armor to look like Celestia and Luna's The Royal Sisters War Barding by Baron-Engeland I didn't want it to be too close of a match to the armor I did recently for Tempest Shadow. Tempest Shadow's Armor by Baron-Engel

    So after some discussion with my patron we settled on an armor that was inspired by the half, and three quarter armor often worn in the late 16th century. One of the advantages of this armor style is that the burgonet helmet often worn with it evoke some of the lines of the helmets worn ancient Greece and Rome which loops to appearance of the plate worn by the palace guard in Canterlot. New Information by Baron-Engel  This is not accidental since the burgonet helmet came into existence during the Italian Renaissance when interest in ancient world suddenly exploded.

    One thing that was fun to play around with is what we would consider the swept hilt design of the sword. Since the sword is meant to be wielded by a alicorn/unicorn by their telekinesis the bars on it are not there protect the hand, but instead exist expressly to catch, hold, and bind an enemies blade.

 I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini 
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Hello Baron, Took tis piece of artwork out of the protective folder, since its frame and matting were damaged in the move, but the piece of artwork itself was unharmed.

The lady at the shop was having a fit, she really loved it the piece, and we spent a while picking out the matting colors, since the pencil is gray we went with a gray outer mat, and the inside one was a pink, and it was perfect. will post a picture of it when its done.

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Sorry to hear that the framing got damaged in the move, but I'm happy the art was safe and the lady at the frame counter enjoyed working on it.

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I suppose this gives new meaning to the term 'tough love.'
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Really awesome!
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Wonderful! All is fair in love and war, it is said. 
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The armour on this one is just simply fucking fantastic
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Glad you like it.
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WidowPeak's avatar that a cod piece?
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No I think you looking at the underside of her belly where the padding and chainmail ends and are misreading it.
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Well that is a relief.

I have to say, I love this armor.
Cadence, Princess of the Crystal Meth Empire, defending her turf from her rival Chrysalis, Queen of LSD.
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Very impressed by your abilities once more Baron.😀
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Glad you like the work.
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Love isn't a battlefield, its this armor!
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This style of armor always looked so slick and cool.
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Not sure she could fly in this, but for ground action it would definitely allow her both protection and maneuverability.
Love it!
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Hey her an Twilight flew through the air dragging Discord and that giant sky chariot, this armor is nothing compared to that.
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