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Like this Ms. Rarity?

Continuing my series of anthro MLP maids.  Curtsy by Baron-Engel  Cleaning up by Baron-Engel  Getting ready for work by Baron-Engel  Vinyl dear, do you feel a draft? by Baron-Engel This time it's Coco Pommel. I could see Rarity getting into cosplaying and when she wasn't modeling her latest creation having Ms. Pommel model them instead. It wouldn't become her main source of income but it might help generate interest in her boutiques.

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Yep, exactly like that! Now make sure to curtsy like that for every visitor!

- Polecat
Holy boobs! That's one maid to really keep around. 
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Up there with Fluttershy in adorableness, although she looks like she's gonna pop out of that dress any second now, though I wont complain.
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Wow, what a beauty!
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Excuse me Miss Pommel, I need to go get a tissue...
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Still waiting to see Dash slip into this kind of number...
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Rarity, you insidious beast! To subject us all to such temptation, you must be in cahoots with that fiend Petina...
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Rarity looks rather huffy. "I will have you know she has fine sense of business and fashion!"
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She does, but who will care for all the stallions and colts suffering from caramelized hormones as a result of such presentations?
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"Ah! Well she does have some business models for address that issue darling. They're still in the development stage though."

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Why do I suspect that was her real goal all along?
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"Well a lady has to plan for the future now doesn't she."

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Great Scott, someone fetch that lady a back brace!
Fie, Sir!

A gentleman would offer to help the Lady carry any burden!

"Dear lady, do let me know if I might be of assistance!"

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The angle and the fact she's lifting them with her arm also helps contribute to making them looking even larger. Not saying that they are small.
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Baron, Baron, Baron...
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I think Rarity may have other reasons as well to get Coco to wear that
Oh no. 
Does Petina have not-safe-for-work images of Rare Coco dancing horizontally in her head?
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I wish Coco was real...
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Yes. All the yes.
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