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What is probably going to be a subset of Friendship is Yoga series will be a collection of images of anthro Fluttershy and Discord.  Free Spirits by Baron-Engel  After Workout by Baron-Engel This is the next in the series. I will note that this is not something that is actually happening in my Equestria dreamscape, but I will admit that Petina ships them hard in a couple of her outlines for possible stories.

This image along with several others will be going up on the SmudgeMarks & EngelWerks ESHOP either today or tomorrow. The is your source for both my art and my wife's :iconsmudgedragon: along comics and archived episodes of my Picarto Picarto Icon  streams!

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon 
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Definitely some perks to having a long and very flexible partner~ ;)
Baron-Engel's avatar
Yes, yes there are.
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Yoga Noodle is Love
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Holy shift! Awesome!
Baron-Engel's avatar
Glad you like it.
sem4ezzz's avatar
And thank you for making my eyes happy with your arts. It's realy cool.
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You're welcome. Hope you enjoy the rest of my work.
I always knew The Yellow One is very good in spreading her legs.
Lvnnkartistries's avatar
Woosh, he really is a big fella.
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I think the thing that sticks out the most in these Discord and Fluttershy pictures, is Discords incredible core strength. I mean, yeah, Fluttershy is probably lighter then most ponies, but holding her like that for any length of time is impressive. Let's not even get started on his flexibility.
Baron-Engel's avatar
In many ways I view Discord as almost being a force of nature.
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And then they kissed... sorry couldn't resist saying that
Baron-Engel's avatar
Oh trust me, Petina was muttered the same thing.
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Petina has considered writing stories about Discord having an intimate relationship? Has she ever met Discord?
Baron-Engel's avatar
Yes, yes she has. It was, interesting.
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I have to wonder if Discord could recognize that Sky Brush, Petina, and Carousel weren't from "around here" and what he'd have to say about that.

Hopefully you'll (eventually) get to that part of the dreamscape story.
Baron-Engel's avatar
It will come up.
JourneymanIC's avatar
Okay Baron, this could be considered softcore just based on those eyes alone! XD
Baron-Engel's avatar
Well then you'll love the bathing scene.
Rexlare's avatar
Petina just loves popular shippings doesn't she?
Baron-Engel's avatar
She's the admiral of the Flag "Ship".
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