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How may I help you? Color final


A recently finished commission for :iconoctifan: Not to surprising they asked for a color piece of Octavia dressed in an anime style French Maids outfit. I've posted development art for this piece in the past How may I help you? by Baron-Engel Octavia Maid thumbnails 01 by Baron-Engel  She makes the outfit work for her.  

     The commission was done in my usual mixture of colored pencil, marker pen, technical pen, and white gouache. The working surface is Strathmore 11" x 14" Vellum finish Bristol Board. Actual image is roughly 8" x 11" in size.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini 

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She looks very pretty.
         Clapping Pony Icon - Octavia 
I can see Vinyl suddenly knocking something onto the floor.

"Oh no. I have made a mess. Could you bend over and clean it up, Tavi?"

MLP Octavia (Hmm) Plz *facehoofs* "Really, Vinyl?"

Envirotech's avatar
Gorgeous! <3 <3
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Great to see this coloured, I love it~
Let's start with the bedroom duties :heart:
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I'm in so in love with Tavi. She's so gorgeous
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I need a maid!!!
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I have many ideas...  and a good 2/3s of them would get me slapped.

Lovely image, glad to see it in color, even if, ironically, a majority of it is in greyscale. ;)

- Polecat
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OK, I could use cute mare to help with a little lite cleaning...

Just give me a couple of hours to get the place tidy, because i would hate for her to have spend all her time clean up when she got here... 
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I have to agree with heathfiedler that the color palette has a vintage tone to it, which is all the more fitting for a classy mare like Octavia.

It really is beautiful and I for one was definitely not expecting to see Octavia get a colored piece.
Certainly can't get enough Octavia, especially from you.
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Tavi Love 

She was gorgeous in the black and white drawing, and now in color.... Muh gawd

The person who commissioned this is lucky and I'm very jealous. Course I have her and Blue the doofus together so can't be too jealous.
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Very well detailed, love the sort of vintage color look to it, i really do like how your works look with color, its a shame more are not done with color.
With as detailed and clean as your work is i'm not surprised to see how nicely they they take color. nice work.
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You'll be seeing more color in the future. I have a whole bunch of color I hope to finish before the end of the year.
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That would be awesome, it comes out really well even though you've already shaded everything in with
pencil, Im not sure if you add color digitally or by hand but either way it looks good. 
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This was all done with colored pencil, marker pens, technical pen, and little white gouache. I took original image, enlarged it, then transferred it over to the new working surface. Then proceeded to finish it.
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hmm thats cool, would be something to watch you do, considering im sure there are plenty of people
who might not know how to do it. Im no artist myself so figured id toss that out there, not sure if
you have a youtube account or not but it would be awesome video to see you doing your art.
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I will be doing another Picarto stream where I will be working in colored pencil at the start of the new year.

heathfiedler's avatar
Sounds fun, ill try to join in and watch when you do.
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"Bend over and I'll show you" - Clark Griswold
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