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House Call

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One of the drawings I started during my most recent Picarto stream. The theme of the stream was nurses. 

     Rarity was about to head off to a costume party when her little sister Sweetie Belle came to her with a patient in need of emergency help.  So nurse Rarity came to the rescue.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon

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This is such a sweet picture. But I am not going to lie, I wish Nurse Rarity would come by and help me in my times of need.

Great work as always, thank you for sharing.

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Yes much dawww to it.

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I can see the absolute terror on SB's face.

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Sweetie needs to stop play La Revolution

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Sure Rarity was going out to costume thing and just happen to wear that right?

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We need 20 ccs of stuffing STAT!

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Prep for surgery.

So cute, So sweet!

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Helloooooooo nurse

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and how did that plushies got decapitated ? sweaty Sweetie : "well... Scootaloo wanted to play 'call the spirits'... but we didn't realized that discord WAS the spirit of chaos and disharmony... and maybe using a kitchen knife for the ritual wasn't a good idea... well at least Scoots just gonna have a little scar..." Rarity : "...... what ?!!"

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“Young lady! We’re going to have a talk about this later.”

I'm afraid family isn't allowed in the operating room, you're going to have to wait outside, ma'am.

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Go out to the kitchen get yourself a cookie.

"Helloooo, Nurse!"

Honestly though, a very nice and sweet scene as most everyone else has noted.

Sweetie's ensemble looks like something she borrowed from Applebloom, btw.

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Oh I could see Sweetie wearing that outfit if she knew she was going out to play. I mean that's probably how the doll got damaged.

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A very precise surgery to do as I see it from Rarity, but she is a profession.

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I've done that sort of stuff before for ripped but otherwise awesome stuffed animals donated to a charity I volunteer at. Depending on the fabric pile, nature and location of damage, and stitch you use, it can be easy to get a good job done invisibly.

Rarity is actually shown making big, obvious stitches here. But that's only because if she was displayed using her full ability, we'd never see just what she had repaired. A level, clean, cut across the neck is one of the easy ones to get good results with because even if your work shows up, it's not considered strange to see a seam positioned like that.

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Now this is just cute as heck.

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I wanted that mixture of smexy Rarity mixed with a very candid, sweet, and slice-of-life setting.

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