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Her Number 1 Assistant

When it comes to baking at Sugar Cube Corner Pinkie Pie can always count on her number 1 assistant Gummy to be there when she needs him. This is a sketch I did for :iconirdesthebrony:

    I've drawn Pinkie before but her pet Gummy is not a character I'd drawn before. So I did a couple of study sketches before proceeding on to this piece. I'll post those soon.

 I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon
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When Pinkie carries Gummy, does that make him alligator luggage?
(badum tish)
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Why's your version of Gummy so darn adorable?? :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Is she making some Time Sorbet? =P
Does she have Gummy in your dream world?
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Do crocs eat icing?
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Gummy does. I don't know about crocs in our world.
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I keep thinking that this relationship is going to end up like the one in Alligator, with Gummy ending up 20 feet long and scaring the daylights out of everyone in Ponyville when he follows Pinkie down the street.
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I can just imagine Gummy making all those little alligator chirps at Pinkie
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That or talking like some hard-boiled, film-noir, gumshoe detective.
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Completely wrong genre, but I have always have had Harrison Ford's "Deckard" voice from Blade Runnner in my mind whenever I read something with a detective character...
I like how the spoon (with a bit of food on it) is in the same position where humans sometimes keep pens or pencils.  Although being Pinkie, she could probably just stick it to the side of her face or under her chin and it would still stay in place...

Gummy looks to be more intelligent than the show displays him, much as your Chrysalis appears more competent than her show counterpart.

What's with the rounded T-bar at the end of the spoon?
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"What's with the rounded T-bar at the end of the spoon?"

The idea is to make it easier to manipulate with your mouth, if you use your mouth to stir the contents of the bowl. Which some ponies do  MLP. My Little Pheromones by Baron-Engel
Is the arch curved in the right direction?  I'd think the arch would parallel the front teeth arc.  I assume you dream of manipulating it in your pony mouth...
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Well having used a pen with that end piece like that and you generally don't hold it much with your teeth. Instead you use your cheeks, lips, and tongue to guide, steer, and manipulate the object in your mouth.
I'll have to make a note for the next time you take suggestions on your Stream to illustrate how that works.  It's an interesting bit of world building...
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She is probably asking Gummy if he has got the stirring utensil.
He just keeps it real and stares.
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So cute. Are you gonna do a series of the ponies and their pets?
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No immediate plans.
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