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Founders Day Fair



It was about 4 in the afternoon when the Apple family and Stone Mane rolled into the Ponyville town square in my Equestria dreamscape. The town square was festooned with banners, pennants, and colorful pavilions in celebration of Founders Day.

    Unlike the Summer Sun Celebration or Hearts and Hooves Day, Founders Day Fair is a uniquely Ponyville festival since it celebrates the founding of the town by the first settlers to set up the community. The valley had had villages, hamlets and towns for hundred years, but they'd all kept a good distance from the Everfree Forest. At the time most thought that the earth ponies who staked their claims at the edge of the legendary forest were either fools or had a death wish.

    Much to everyponies surprise not only did they survive, but soon the of town Ponyville became an important center for not just agriculture. When Canterlot Overland Railroad and Coach Company ran their mainline from the capitol to the town it made Ponyville the main transportation hub for the county. In fact the county seat had moved to the town almost sixty years ago.

    Founders Day was extra special for the Apple family since not only was their family one of the families that had accepted the charter from Princess Celestia herself, but Granny Smith was the last surviving member of the original settlers who founded the town. On this day ponies from all walks of life stopped by and thanked her for all her family had done for them.

    For Stone Mane the afternoon was whirlwind as he was introduced to the other members of the CMC, the Mayor and other ponies of importance in the town. He also got the chance to meet all of the other Elements of Harmony. Then he had the unique honor of meeting a couple members of my household.

    Founders Day Fair is an event that draws ponies from all over the valley, this meant that eating and drinking establishments in town were raking in the bits. One such place was the inn the Bucking Mare so that evening Petina and Carousel were scheduled to dance. They were wearing their signature high boots and were on their way to work when then encountered the two foals standing in the town square deciding what food they wanted from the numerous vendors there.

    "Hey there Applebloom!" Called out Carousel as she and Petina sauntered up. "Is this your friend from Baltimare? Rainbow Dash said Applejack had told her about his visit."

    "Yeah this is Stone Mane. He's spending the night here before catching his train ta Hoofington tomorrow." The filly turned to the colt. "Stone Mane this here Carousel and Petina. There neighbors of ours. They live up the road from us."

    Petina stepped up to colt who had become very still all of the sudden and extended her right front hoof. "Greetings and welcome to Ponyville. How was your trip here?"

    The colt gingerly took the mare's hoof and shook it a couple of times "It was nice." He said slowly.

    Carousel smiled warmly at the colt. "Well you chose a good day to arrive on. The Founders Day Fair is lots of fun. Still it's too bad you can only stay one day."

    The colt nodded his head. "Yeah I'd like to stay longer to."

    Applebloom gave the colt a quizzical look.   "But, unfortunately he's only here til tomorrow morning. I don't know about ya Stone Mane but I'm getting hungry and I've got some bits fer it. So why don't we git ourselves some grub?"

    Petina nodded her head. "Well we won't keep you from dinner plans. Take care!" She and Carousel turned and started to slowly walk away. they'd gone a short distance when Petina looked back at the two foals and smiled.

    "Have fun you two." Said the unicorn.

    Stone Mane stood still and watched the two mares walk away. Applebloom walked up and stood alongside the colt and watched the mares vanish into the crowd.

    "Well ya has met a couple of our neighbors now. Miss Carousel and Miss Petina, there some of our more interesting neighbors. Ya okay there Stone Mane?"

    Stone Mane looked over at Applebloom with an odd expression on his face. "Are all your neighbors this interesting?"

    "Nah! As my big sister puts it. They're special. Never found out exactly what she means by that, but they are different. Come on! Let's git ourselves some funnel cakes!"

    With that the two foals headed off to find food.

To be continued.

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It sort of reminds me of when Little Richard would come to town!

"Hide your Sons, and to be on the safe side hide your Husbands as well!"