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Field of Battle, Colored Pencil Final

By Baron-Engel
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If you have been following me for a while you would've seen the digital development of this piece as it evolved from rough color thumbnail Color Rough Tantabus 01 by Baron-Engel into its final composition Final Design Study 02 by Baron-Engel and here is the finished colored pencil piece.

    This piece is a Patreon reward for :iconcaerdwyn: who saved up two years of rewards, and for all the hours of work he's done to help make my Picarto Picarto Icon  stream as successful as it is. In fact we unveiled this piece on the stream last night.

    At 19" x 27" this is one of the largest colored pencil pieces I've done, and with the Strathmore 500 series vellum Bristol Board taped to a support/work board it's also at the ragged edge of what I can do on my drawing table. In fact I had to stand up to work on the piece at times just so I could have enough reach. Another measurement of how much of a effort went into this project is the fact that it generated 3 cups of pencil shavings from my electric pencil sharpener. 

    Due to the nature of the composition this piece was almost entirely done in colored pencil and Prismacolor Art Stiks, with just a little bit of technical pen and gouache. Another thing that was a challenge with this piece was keeping Celestia clean and free any of the background colors. Especially since I used a lot of indigo blue in this piece. Indigo is a pigment that will lift relatively easily from the working surface, even if your using tracing paper as a barrier between your hand and the picture. This is especially true if you've been blending indigo blue with OMS.

    As a result I was constantly monitoring whether any little bits of indigo pigment were getting on her and gently removing them with a Tombow Mono eraser. Indigo blue is what I refer to as a Bully Pigment. If not handled with respect it will often overwhelm and smother other colors when it is blended with OMS. Since Celestia is a very pale pink. Yes that is correct, she's not white. In fact there is only one point of pure white and that is the glow at the tip of her horn. Also there is not as much black as you might think in this piece. 

    I plan to sell prints of this piece at Bronycon this year along with some other color pieces of mine.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon mini 
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© 2017 - 2021 Baron-Engel
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Big Sister instinct
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that pic you made gives me the "light vs darkness," vibes.
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That was the intent of the picture so yeah!
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Hoolllly Jeez this is absolutely stunning and so beautiful, I think I lost my breath, this is an absolutely heart welded piece for sure. 
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was this used in prismacolored pencil?
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Yes almost entirely Prismacolor pencils and Art Stiks.
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Then could you list the name of colors for the dark pony you created?
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"I have long forgiven you, Luna. Now I seek to help you forgive yourself."
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Yeah Luna needed to ditch that inner demon.
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It's astounding what you can do with traditional art, and it's pieces like these that act as a constant inspiration for an amateur like me to keep practicing.
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So epic Awesome work
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this is just so beautiful!!!
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Too bad Celestia probably never found out about Tantabus.
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Awesome, good sir
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It does appear to be popular.
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Whoah, it is done! :D Are you happy with it? I think it looks amazing! 
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Yes I am pleased with it. Now on to the next piece.
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Absolutley amazing! :D
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Simply gorgeous! *-*
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          Chibi Princess Celestia Icon 
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Woah! I thought it was digital at first. It's amazing what you could do with colored pencils. I am absolutely stumped at how un-pencil-like it is from afar.

How many hours did you work on this? What is OMS?
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