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Fear and anxiety


While Celestia and other ponies grapple with matters of nation and state, one pony had her own crisis in my Equestria dreamscape.

    Over last few weeks both Applebloom and Princess Luna had had numerous sessions in the Dream Realm with the young colt Stone Mane, and with their assistance and support the colt had made real progress in coping with his nightmares. Applebloom had even had some luck teaching Stone Mane some basic dream manipulation skills.

    The little filly stepped into the mud room at Sweet Apple Acres after a day at school. scrubbing her hoofs clean in the basin designed for that purpose she entered the house proper. Granny was beginning dinner preparations and her big sister was sitting at the old roll top desk trying to wrestle the household books into some semblance of order. Seeing the little filly out of the corner of her eye AJ stopped her before she went upstairs.

    "Hey there Sugar Cube! Ya got something in the mail today!" Reaching across the desk she retrieved an envelope and passed to her little sister.

Applebloom stared in bewilderment at the envelope for a moment. "Fir me? Huh! Who would a send me an..." Her voice trailed off as her eyes settle on the return address. The letter had originated in Baltimare.

    "Oh my gosh is it!" Tearing the envelope open with much gusto the little filly found a single, folded sheet of stationary. Carefully she smoothed it flat with her right front hoof on the floor; then she began to read the contents of the letter. The writing was rather crabbed and scratchy but she was able to parse it.

Greetings Applebloom. This is Stone Mane. I'm writing this letter for two reasons. First to thank you in the waking world for all you and Princess Luna have done to help me cope with my nightmares. Thank you.

    Second I will be traveling to Hoofington in a few days to visit relatives I have there. However my first train will only be going as far as Ponyville. I will be catching my final train the next day to finish my journey. I was hoping to take the chance to meet you face to face and thank you for everything you've done for me.

    Unfortunately my Aunt and Uncle will be unable to accompany me, but I have more than enough bits for a room at several of the Inns in town. At the very least I'd like to buy you an ice cream at a place that Princess Luna has highly recommended and apparently you're aware of. Sugarcube Corner.

    If you can meet with me could you please send me a reply right way so we can figure where to meet . I do hope you're not too busy to be able to see me. I await your reply


Stone Mane

PS. In case you're wondering Princess Luna gave me your address.

    Applebloom looked at AJ and squealed in delight. "Big sis! It's a letter from Stone Mane! The pony Luna and I have been helping in the dream realm. He's a traveling ta Hoofington but will be spending the night in Ponyville and catching the train the next day ta his kin there! He wants ta know if he can meet me!"

    Applejack finished making an entry in the ledger and then took the pencil out her mouth and set it on the table. Pushing her stetson back she grinned at her.

    "Well that's might nice of him ta want to thank you face ta face. Where are him and his kin staying in town for the night?"

    Applebloom reread the letter. "He says none of his kin are coming with him on the trip. He was planning on gitting a room at one of the Inns in town."

    "What!" Exclaimed the mare. "No! Tell that colt ta save his bits! No way the Apple Family is going ta let him spend his bits on a room when we've got a perfectly fine bed not being used!"

    Applebloom nodded her head causing her red bow to flap up and down. "Right I'm going ta write him a reply now before the evening post arrives!"

    With that thought in her head she galloped upstairs to her room to write a reply.

    The following day the CMC were taking their lunch under a tree at school while engaging in the age old custom of swapping the contents of each others lunches.

    Applebloom sighed and passed her apple to Scootaloo for her banana. "I git it that were the Apple family but sometimes I'd like find some other fruit in my lunch!"

    Sweetie Belle giggles and took a bite of her sandwich. "So Applebloom what did you want to tell us about earlier today?"

    "Applebloom finished wolfing down her recently acquired banana then took a swig of juice from her thermos before replying.

    "I got a letter from Stone Mane! The colt Princess Luna and I have been helping in the Dream Realm. He's a passing thru Ponyville on his way ta Hoofington and he want ta meet me face ta face!"

    "Oh! That's really nice of him!" Chirped the unicorn. "Isn't he the colt who was having all the nightmares?"

    "Yep! He was but he's having far fewer of those. Now Luna and I have been teaching how ta better control his dreams and all. I've even been able ta teach him things like how ta fly in dreams!"

    Scootaloo sighed. "Wish you could do that for me to. For real I mean."

    Applebloom munched on her sandwich. "Well I can only do it in my sleep. I can't fly here."

    Sweetie swallowed some more of her sandwich. "Wasn't he the pony you made that giant cannon so he could banish that dragon from his dreams? It must be amazing to be able to make things with just your mind."

    AB started to take a bite from her oatmeal cookie and paused. "Yeah, but it's only in my sleep I can do that."

    She paused for a moment as a thought started to take form in her head. Stone Mane only knew her from the Dream Realm where she could fly and create things seemingly from thin air. But that was there. Here she was just an ordinary earth pony. What would Stone Mane think of her when he met the real her. Would he be disappointed? Would he think she was fake.

    Later that day Applebloom sat alone in her room and read the letter again. Had it been wise to say yes to meeting him.

    Maybe I should've talk ta Princess Luna first? What if she says this was a bad idea? I've already said I'd meet him? What if Stone Mane doesn't like me in the real world? Will he still want my help or friendship in the Dream Realm?

    Fear and anxiety slowly began to creep into Applebloom's mind as these thoughts churned over and over in her head. Applebloom (fear) plz 

To be continued.

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ColonelYeo's avatar
Poor Applebloom. I can definitely sympathize with her.

Thoughts like that are a real pain, and hard to banish even when you know they aren't true.
WidowPeak's avatar
And so, the ship sails...

Hehehe...her first crush. Well, perhaps? Probably.
Baron-Engel's avatar
Yeah this is Applebloom's first crush.
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 "Yeah, but it's only in my sleep I can do that."
This suggests the easiest, cheapest date in Equestrian: simply meet up and take a nap together!
"I git it that were the Apple family but sometimes I'd like find some other fruit in my lunch!"

As Ralph Hayes Jr noted in his own FIMfic, it could have been worse.  AB's family could have been the 'Brussle Sprouts'. :D

' Scootaloo sighed. "Which you could do that for me to. For real I mean."'

Baron, shouldn't that be "Wish" and not "which"?
Baron-Engel's avatar
Yep that's a typo I'll fix that. Funny no one on Patreon noticed that.
IcarusHector's avatar
I love this arc/set of arcs. Very adorable, and my gosh, sign me up to sail this ship.
WingMcCallister's avatar
Deploy the Equestrian Navy! The ships be leaving the harbor! lol
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seniumboy's avatar
This is so adorable I didn't even realize I had a dumb grin on my face until I was done reading.
Baron-Engel's avatar
This was a very enjoyable and informative little dream arc.
Oh, Little Bloom, you hardly need to worry; you're his dream girl after all!


I'm hear all night, folks!
Baron-Engel's avatar
Yes, this is a case of her literally being the girl of his dreams. Applebloom (cutie mark) plz 
Ognimod's avatar
But if he wants to date her, he must defeat her seven evil exes!
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