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Encaustica needs boots!

Yesterday I posted an image of OC pony Encaustica which was created for Jaya King my guest on my 10/14/17 Picarto Picarto Icon  stream which starts at 5:30pm Pacific. She loved the design but later commented that she should've asked for the pony to be wearing knee-high patent leather boots.

   Well at that moment Petina sprang into action in my mind since she's an expert when it comes to boots! Wrong conclusion by Baron-Engel Boot camp by Baron-Engel

    I did two versions for Jaya. One with boots on all 4 legs, and the other with the boots only on the back legs. This is the design she liked.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini 
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It really was quite the hoot to have Jaya on the show. I can't wait for when she decides to pay a visit again!
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March 2018 is when she’s expected back on.
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What is her talent? Something to do with spicy honey?
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Encaustic was painting which requires melting the wax.
Tune in to Baron's Picarto Stream at 5:30PM (PST) on Saturday to find out as you can see it in action LIVE!
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These boots are made for walking!
And that's just what they'll do!
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Or flying in her case.
The leather looks good.  Just don't make it any shinier or smoother, lest it look like latex instead.
Speaking of horses, did you see the creepy deliberately bred horses intended to look like cartoon horses, complete with bigger eyes and 'dish' nosed heads? @_@…
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That horse's muzzle looks like someone crushed a beer can...
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What would become of you at this point if you didn't have Petina to help you on the right track? =P
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