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In a post yesterday I talked about having trouble brainstorming some compositions for an upcoming commission and arriving a rather unorthodox solution. What are you looking at dweeb? Well these are the three solutions I came up with.

I broke the compositions down into three different movie or TV series themes:

1. The Star Wars look. "You worry about those fighters, and I'll worry about those towers!" The viewpoint here is being in a tight formation with another pony as you are heading in to attack the besieging forces around the capitol. You are just passing the great airship Sky Shark on the left and you can see more flyers leaving it to join the battle.

2. The Star Trek look. "Make it so Number One." This view puts you on the bridge of the Sky Shark as Princess Bookhorse oversees the operation. Outside pegasi and griffins are forming up to start the attack. In the distance the Crystal Empire is under siege its defenses straining against the onslaught.

3. The Avengers. "Hulk smash!" This is the one that I took the greatest creative liberty with since I was uncertain how close the Sky Shark ever gets to the palace during the battle. The viewpoint is that of looking up the main spire of the palace. Entering from the right of the picture is the Sky Shark and all around it are numerous aerial battles. This composition is the most super hero of the three.
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Number one. Star Wars bias all the way! :D

Though I can't fault the other two at all. 
Number 3 gets my vote. It really puts the viewer in the middle of the action.
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whoa, theres a lot going on here Extreme OMG 
even cooler, the 3 movie parodies combined in the same event, just awesome Rainbow Dash (Winking 2) Plz 
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Thanks. I have big plans for the finished piece.
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sweet, cant wait to see wat you have in store :happy: 
If you were to do a series, try one of each, with a dramatic change between them, but still showing essentially the same action--leave something recognizable and common in each one.
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Oh wow!!! It all looks so epic!
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The client is going with number 2.
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of course, the biggest issues are who are the enemies? The Empire? The Klingons? the SuperVillains?   to be more MLPonyverse, that could be broken into The Dragons, the Gryphons, or perhaps another nation besides the Saddle Arabians. The Zebraic nation might, depending on who's in charge. Each faction would have their own unique way of being dealt with. The Dragons might require advancement in cannon bores (rifling) and rounds replacing shot. and of course, more movable bases for fast turning of the weapon. The Gryphons will require the Pegasi to be able to engage in anti-air tactics, as well as ground support for those tactics.
Some Other nation will be able to have the regular army stand against them.
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It took me a while to figure out that last one was the Crystal Palace! It is such an unusual angle!
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Yeah that was the Alex Ross extreme perspective shot.
What would the Bob Ross perspective look like? ;)
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Lots of trees. ;) (Wink) 
"Look at all the happy wolf shaped trees chasing after the happy little ponies."
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To me they flow into each other.
One is attack formation
Two is view from command......some pony says in the back......."Its a TRAP!!!!" Another pony answers drolly "Good guess Sherlock.....any thing else ya wanna point out??"
Third is "WATCH YOUR SIX!!!!"
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Hmm, number 2 is the least interesting visually to me. Both 1 and 3 are very dynamic and intense in their own ways.
1: Anticipation of what is about to happen. The upslope leading to the climactic actions.
3: The peak of climactic storytelling, the action is happening now and the moment to moment decisions will change the course of events.

I am a fan of 1 a bit more, as I feel I can infer more story from it as a standalone piece and the impending action builds feeling as it leaves more to the imagination to fill what happens next, where 3 is the actual action.

My thoughts on them, all are beautiful, but the emotions they bring differ greatly.
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This is all great work! I especially like the ship's bridge.

"Princess Bookhorse", hmm... sounds awfully familiar! =P
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