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Color Rough Tantabus 01

By Baron-Engel
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This is a digital color study for a Patreon reward. This is not intended to be a finished piece instead is designed to test color pallettes along with lighting and general composition. From here I'll refine the final design. The actual final finished piece will be done in my traditional colored pencil technique but I can do quick and fairly accurate color roughs on the computer. So use the right tool for the job.

The piece was done in Clip Studio Paint on my Cintiq tablet.

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon 
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Luna pranking Tia in the dreamscape. Brilliant piece to me.
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impressive good sir.
        Chibi Princess Celestia Icon 
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So this is a WIP? I will be looking forwards to the final result :D
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It's not really a work in progress I will start an entirely new picture soon with these elements, but it confirms and validates some of my premises on how I plan to do the final piece.
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Cute, lightbearer. S
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Very nice and the final finish will be amazing.
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I've got some ideas of how to do this in colored pencil that will be quite nice.
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It will be great man.
"The piece was done in Clip Studio Paint on my Cintiq tablet."

So you finally managed to rip it out of your wife's hands? ;)

I remember you doing concept art for this a few streams back.  I forget, does the Tantabus have a pony's build or a Princess' build?
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Yep. In fact we got paid for the final invoice today. Unfortunately I still can't discuss the project yet.
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The Tantabus was never shown with wings so the form is of that of an unicorn
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Yes to my knowledge it was only shown in a unicorn form.
Cheeze Louise, your color study is better than most people's finished work.
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Wait until you see the finished piece.
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