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Celestia's New Dress

"Twilight dear, tell me do you like my new dress? I'm thinking of wearing it to the garden party after the Summer Sun Celebration. It's a rather informal event outdoor event and I want something light and airy to wear. Does this look light and airy to you?"

    A request from last nights Picarto stream Picarto Icon . Being a April 1st It is was requested I do something a bit Trollestia in nature. However some thought that this was actually more Molestia, but need they be mutually exclusive? I got the characters all sketched out in the last hour of the stream, and I spent about an hour shading it today.

    Also I thought of putting student Twilight in a more parochial school uniform but I default to the classic anime/manga Japanese schoolgirls outfit. I will be posting this to the SmudgeMarks & EngelWerks ESHOP this week along with more new stuff!

I hope you like what you see. Please help make more art like this possible by supporting me at Patreon Patreon Icon 
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What kind of scanner do you use to make your pencil drawings digitize so clearly? The scanner I've used in the past seems to smudge my drawings. 
Baron-Engel's avatar
I use an Epson V300 Photo which is a relatively cheap scanner I purchased a few years ago.
DeathAlchemist94's avatar
do you do anything special when you scan or do you pretty much put it on and press the scan button?
Baron-Engel's avatar
I do have a process I go through. Now understand I developed this for the specific brand of paper that I do most of my B/W 8.5" x 11" artwork on.

1. I go into "Import" in Photoshop CS3 and select the Epson V300 Photo.
2. Once the scanner software has launched I do a preview scan and make certain that image is lined up correctly, and do any basic cropping at that time. Also I have my scanner set in Professional Mode to limit the amount of "automated help" the scanner can do.
3. I have only 2 automatic adjustments with the scanner. Dust Removal and Backlight Correction. The image type 300dpi 24-bit color.
4. I open Image Adjustment and set the brightness to 16. With the brand of paper I am using this seems to be the best compromise.
5. I scan the image.

This takes care of the scanner's part of the job. Now CS3 earns its paycheck.

1. I will give the image a quick looking over with to make certain nothing went wonky during the scan. Then I start using the eraser tool to quickly clean up any odd things on the image. I love the paper I use for pencil art but the scanner picks up its texture and even lines that I have erased will sometimes become visible again. Those need to be removed. But I don't spend all day on it.
2. Next go into "Image" and select "Curves". Then in Curves I will select the white eyedropper and establish that my whites in the picture, this often means the background, is as close to white as possible without adversely effecting the quality of the pencil work. When I am satisfied I click Okay.
3. Going back into "Image" I will open "Adjustments" and select "Auto Contrast" This will usually give the line art the qualities I need for good digital viewing. Then I click Okay again.
4. Back into "Image" I then go into "Mode" and select "Grayscale". Click "Okay" again.
5. Second verse same as the first. Go into "Image" select "Image Size" set image to 72dpi and the adjust "Pixel Dimensions". For Portrait format images I usually go 1100 pixels wide, for Landscape format 1400.
6. Save file as JPEG or PNG. With JPEGs I don't save to a very high quality, usually no more than 5 on the slider.

This may sound like a lot of work but once you get the hang of it you can often process and image in a couple of minutes. Hope that helps.
magnumsoldier's avatar
Light and airy huh?

Where's a nice strong breeze when you need one?
*pomf* I... Think I need a quick dipnin the pool.
Baron-Engel's avatar
Oh. You can keep Luna company. Besides she'd love to get your opinion about her new swimsuit.
EGStudios93's avatar
She's so tall~. She looks great in the dress too. ^^
Baron-Engel's avatar
Yeah I figure she's easily 6'.3"+.
SentireAeris's avatar
wow! Possibly one of the best/most genuine examples of anthropomorphic artwork I've seen :)
Certainly a very difficult structure to visualise and proportion in a way that looks right, very well done my friend :)
Baron-Engel's avatar
Thank you very much.
DCLeadboot's avatar
Heh, heh... rather sweet looking characters there! :giggle:
WidowPeak's avatar
I would not know what to tell you. The dress might be light, but those two are certainly heavy.
NezumiYuki's avatar
Choose your next words carefully, Twilight! :giggle:
Baron-Engel's avatar
Well she just needs to tell Celestia that it looks light and airy then.
NezumiYuki's avatar
EqG Twilight (Bashful) Plz Umm Celestia... I think it's a tad too revealing to be honest...
:iconcelestia=3plz: Reallllllllllly? *steps closer*
MLP Twilight Sparkle (Nervous Smile) Plz
Emoticon - Principal Celestia Bedroom Eyes *Good Start!*
jeroen01's avatar
Twilight should be honest. I wonder what will happen afther that. Hehehe.

Lovley drawning. I like it how you made Celestia taller then Twilight.
seniumboy's avatar
Wow this is quite excellent. Those bodies are very well done.
Baron-Engel's avatar
Thank you. This piece came together very well.
Kodimarto's avatar
Well, I think it's absolutely beautiful for a beautiful lady with a beautiful figure.:)
Wirlog's avatar
"Look at my dress, mi dress is amazing..."
EarlMcClaw's avatar
It's a magnificent dress, but not exactly demure.
Baron-Engel's avatar
No it's not demure.
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